Accounting - Fall / Winter 2017
Motor Carrier Personnel File
Brief Descriptions of Accounting and Finance Candidates
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Client Edition

CFO - Trucking, Hazardous Waste & Fracking - Responsible for Multiple
   125,000+       Entities; Financial Reporting, Banking Relations, Insurance- BS Acctg.
   New York       File #34684

Accounting        Controller - $200MM Truckload Carrier - with Finance, Cash Management,
   120,000+       Multiple Entities, Power Unit Analyis, Banking and Credit Lines - CPA
   MIchigan       File #34318

Accounting        CFO - $90MM+ Refrigerated Trucking Company - w/ Accounting Controls,
   100,000+       Banking, Equipment Financing, Cash Flow, Supervised Staff of 20; CPA
   Mississippi    File #33911

Accounting        CFO - $100MM Logistics, Trucking & Forwarding -w/ McLeod, Great Plains
   100,000+       MAS 500, Cargowise, Oracle - Accounting, Budgets, Plans, Profitability
   S. Calif.      File #34686

Accounting        Chief Financial Officer -Regional Trucking- 150 Tractors; 300 Trailers
   100,000+       w/ Accounting, Risk Management, Pricing, HR, Planning, Insurance- MBA
   Calif.         File #34692

Accounting        Finance Vice President - $500MM+ Truckload Carrier - w/ Accounting,
   100,000+       Equipment Purchases, Mergers and Acquisitions, Budgets, Strategy -BSBA
   Oregon         File #34979

Accounting        Chief Financial Officer - $2 Billion+ Trucking and Supply Chain - with
   100,000+       Banking, Brokerage, General Ledger, Insurance, Lease Financing - CPA
   Michigan       File #35062

Accounting        Controller - Trailer Leasing - Accounting & Finance w/ Consolidations,
   100,000+       Budgets, Info Technology, Taxes, Budgets, Projections - BA Acctg; CPA
   New Jersey     File #35107

Accounting        Controller - Truckload Carrier -300 Tractors; 500 Trailers- w/ Finance
   94-99,000      Banking, Software, General Ledger, AR/AP, GAAP Compliance - BS & CPA
   Nebraska       File #34939

Accounting        CFO - $35MM Heavy and Specialized Trucking Company - TMW System and
   89-94,000      Great Plains; Fleet Financing; Cost Savings; Bank Reports; Budgets- BS
   Pennsylvania   File #34959

Accounting        Controller -  Accounting and Finance - Mid-Size Trucking Company - w/
   84-89,000      Financial Statements and Closings, AP & Payroll, Truck Load A/R - CPA
   Texas          File #33815

Accounting        Accounting Director with Finance, Treasury Interface, Accounts Rec.,
   84-89,000      Expense Forecasts, Equipment Utilization and Leasing, Rate & Costs-MBA
   Arkansas       File #34925

Accounting        Accounting and Finance Manager - Tank Truck and Logistics - CPA with
   84-89,000      Forcasting, Budgeting, Mergers and Acquisitions, TMW and Great Plains
   Texas          File #35125

Accounting        Controller - 100+ Trucks - Van, Reefer and Flat - w/ General Ledger,
   79-84,000      Internal Controls, A/R, Contract Negotiations, Financial Statements-BS
   Utah           File #34691

Accounting        Accounting Manager - Logistics, Drayage and Chassis Leasing - Monthly
   70-75,000      Close of 9 Service Centers; Interface with General Ledger - BS Acctng.
   New Jersey     File #35206

Accounting        Controller - $25MM Trucking Company - w/ Financial Statements, Office
   64-69,000      Management, General Ledger Analysis, A/Rec, A/Pay, Payroll, Mileage...
   New Jersey     File #34685

Accounting        Accounting Manager - 300 Tractors; 500 Trailer Tank Truck Carrier -
   64-69,000      Quarterly Financials, Taxes, Great Plains Software, General Ledger-CPA
   Texas          File #35063

Accounting        Accounting and Office Manager - 100+ Drivers / Owner-Operators - Set
   60-65,000      Up New Processes to Verify Driver Paperwork, BOLs, Fuel Recipts, Logs
   Calif. Valley  File #34412

Accounting        Controller - Truck Leasing - w/ Consolidated Financial Statements,
   60-65,000      Fleet Mgt. System, Data Management for 500 Unit Fleet, CPM - BS Acctg.
   New York       File #34679

Accounting        Accounting Specialist - Intermodal and Trucking - with Budgeting,
   44-49,000      Data Analysis, AR/AP, EDI Conversion, Revenue Adjustments, Variance-BS
   DFW Area       File #34847

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