Intermodal Personnel File - Fall / Winter 2017

Brief Descriptions of Intermodal Candidates selected to: Increase Revenues - Reduce Expenses
Employers: Contact us with File #s of Candidates you're interested in: 800-347-3434.


Accounting        Accounting Director with Finance, Treasury Interface, Accounts Rec.,
   84-89,000      Expense Forecasts, Equipment Utilization and Leasing, Rate & Costs-MBA
   Arkansas       File #34925

Accounting        Accounting and Office Manager - 100+ Drivers / Owner-Operators - Set
   60-65,000      Up New Processes to Verify Driver Paperwork, BOLs, Fuel Recipts, Logs
   Calif. Valley  File #34412

Accounting        Accounting Specialist - Intermodal and Trucking - with Budgeting,
   44-49,000      Data Analysis, AR/AP, EDI Conversion, Revenue Adjustments, Variance-BS
   DFW Area       File #34847

Brokerage         Brokerage Operations Director - $90MM 3PL -  with Sales and Carrier
   100,000+       Development; Supervise Administration, Risk, Rail, Claims, Dispatch...
   Chicago Area   File #34978

Brokerage         Business Account Manager - Build Catalog of Clients that use 3PL
   60-65,000      Shipping Services - Flatbed, Reefer, Intermodal - w/ Rates, Carriers..
   New Jersey     File #34467

Brokerage         National Accounts - 3PL Truckload and Intermodal - Receive and Process
   60-65,000      150 TL/LTL Customer Orders per Week; Sales, Pricing, New Biz Devel.-BA
   Chicago Area   File #34548

Brokerage         Account Executive - 3PL Brokerage - Cold Call 250 Customers per Week;
   54-59,000      $75K Monthly Revenue; Experience in Flatbeds, Vans, Reefer and Imode.
   DFW Area       File #34601

Brokerage         Brokerage Operations Manager - w/ Flatbed, Heavy-Haul and Intermodal -
   49-54,000      Book Available Loads; Rate Quotes; Schedule Pick-Up and Delivery...
   DFW Area       File #34754

Brokerage         Brokerage Operations and Sales - Truckload, Flatbed and Intermodal w/
   49-54,000      Customer Solicitation and Satisfaction; Pricing, Dispatch, Track/Trace
   Arkansas       File #34844

Brokerage         Freight Broker - Truckload, LTL, Rail and Warehousing - Manage Full
   49-54,000      Sales Cycle from Lead Generation, Introduction, Meeting, Price, Close
   Miami Area     File #34982

Customer Service  Customer Service Manager - Intermodal, Refrigerated and Truckload - w/
   55-60,000      Sales & New Business Development in TX & LA for Brokerage & Dedicated
   Texas          File #34873

Customer Service  Customer Service Manager - Logistics, Warehousing and Intermodal- with
   49-54,000      TMW, Claims, Warehouse Operations, Inland Routing for Containers, WMS
   New Jersey     File #34676

Info Technology   Applications Development Manager - Container & Chassis Leasing - Data
   100,000+       Migrations, Projects, Custom Systems Implentations, Code Maintenance..
   New Jersey     File #34655

Intermodal        Intermodal Operations Mgr. - w/ Logistics Analysis, Safety, Carrier
   59-64,000      Capacity Fulmillment, Tracking, Carrier OnBoarding, 150+ Drivers, TMS
   Florida        File #34778

Maintenance       Fleet Operations Director - 10,000+ Assets; Heavy, Medium and Light
   100,000+       Duty Trucks w/ Intermodal Chassis Pool Movements; w/ Safety - BS Bus.
   New Jersey     File #34652

Maintenance       Intermodal Chassis Pool Manager - Work w/ Steamship Lines and Trucking
   74-79,000      Companies; w/ Safety & DOT Compliance for 12,000+ Container & Chassis
   N. Calif.      File #34711

Maintenance       Intermodal Equipment Logistics and Maintenance - Supervise 15 Chassis
   64-69,000      and Container Mechanics; with Safety, Equipment, Parts, Scheduling...
   Illinois       File #34653

Marketing         Regional Marketing Manager - Truckload, Intermodal and Brokerage - w/
   74-79,000      Sales, Supply Chain Solutions - Managed 500+ Drivers; 10 Fleet Mgrs-BA
   Arkansas       File #34425

Operations        Intermodal Equipment Director - Railroad - 50,000 Pieces of Equipment
   125,000+       Operational Responsibility for 10 Intermodal Facilities; Safety - MBA
   Texas          File #34931

Operations        Operations Manager - Tank, 3PL & Intermodal - Three Bulk Distribution
   100,000+       Rail Facilities; Driver Recruitment, 3PL Carrier Sourcing & Rates-BSBA
   New Jersey     File #33384

Operations        Operations Director - 450+ Drivers; with Load Planning, Intermodal,
   85-90,000      Transloading, Warehousing, Truckload, LTL, Safety, Logistics, Dray-MBA
   S. Calif.      File #34444

Operations        Regional Intermodal Fleet Manager - w/ Import/Export Trucking, Port
   85-90,000      and Rail Yard Interface, P&L, M&R - 5 N. East Terminals; 150+ Drivers
   New Jersey     File #34677

Operations        Operations Manager - Flatbed, Heavy-Haul and Dry Van - Responsible for
   84-89,000      200 Drivers w/ Safety, Training, Revenue Goals - Managed 15 Dispatcher
   Indiana        File #34271

Operations        Intermodal Terminal Manager - 250+ Drivers - Team Building, Coaching,
   84-89,000      and Development; Manage Operations In/Out of CSX and NS Rail Yards...
   Georgia        File #34887

Operations        Terminal Manager - Liquid, Dry and Intermodal - w/ Fleet Management,
   74-79,000      DOT & Hazmat Regulations, Budget, Costs, Planning, Start-Up Operations
   Calif.         File #34633

Operations        Area Manager - Semi-Trailer Rental and Leasing - Responsilbe for
   74-79,000      8 Midwestern Branches; P&L; Sales, Asset and Equipment Utilization...
   Indiana        File #34918

Operations        General Operations Manager - Tank and Dry Van - Move Acid and Oil by
   70-75,000      by Truck and Rail; w/ Driver Recruiting and Safety; AS400, TMS, Elogs
   Texas          File #34965

Operations        Operations Manager - Tank, Rail and Storage - Chemicals and Acids - w/
   69-74,000      Logisitcs, Safety, HSE Audits, Railcar Movements - Supervise 45 - B.S.
   Oklahoma       File #34456

Operations        Operations Manager - Intermodal - Manage and Dispatch Fleet of Owner-
   69-74,000      Operators; Hire Dirvers to Meet DOT; Fleet & Container Maint & Repair
   S. Calif.      File #34589

Operations        Terminal Manager with Driver Recruiting and Safety - Increased Revenue
   64-69,000      by 40%; w/ TMW Dispatch, People Net, QuallComm, PC Miler, Customer Srv
   N. Carolina    File #34473

Operations        Operations Mgr. w/ Safety, Compliance, Intermodal & Flatbed -Dispatch,
   64-69,000      C-TPAT Inspections, M&R, Computers, Log Audits, CSA2010, Training, DOT
   N. Calif.      File #34474

Operations        Operations Manager - Truckload and Intermodal - 200 Trucks - Managed
   64-69,000      8 Dispatcher; Lowered CSA Scores; Increased Profit by 150%; 84 O.Ratio
   S. Carolina    File #34627

Operations        Operations Manager - Intermodal and Brokerage - 50+ Drayage Loads Day;
   64-69,000      $2MM Brokerage Revenue at 15% Margin; w/ Safety, Dispatch, Hire Driver
   Georgia        File #34631

Operations        Truckload Operations Mgr. - Asset and Brokerage - w/ Carrier Negotiatn
   64-69,000      Pricing, Customer Service, Logistics, Consolidation, Intermodal - BSBA
   Atlanta Area   File #34695

Operations        Intermodal Terminal Manager - Reefer, Rail Moves, Long Beach and Los
   64-69,000      Angeles Ports, Recruiting, Dispatch, Owner-Operators, AS400, Im/Export
   S. Calif.      File #34717

Operations        Terminal Manager -Intermodal, Truckload & Reefer- w/ Driver Recruiting
   64-69,000      Retention Improving CSA Scores, Dispatch & Planning, Reducing Deadhead
   Pennsylvania   File #34781

Operations        Terminal Mgr. - Truckload & Intermodal - Lead Team of 180+ Employees
   64-69,000      $24MM Business Unit; Grew Owner-Operator Fleet by 30+%; w/ Budgets, PL
   Georgia        File #34789

Operations        Operations Manager - Intermodal and Dry Van - Supervise 40+ Drivers
   64-69,000      throughout New England;; Maintain Metrics; Monitor Chassis/Cont Safety
   Massachusetts  File #34905

Operations        Driver Operations Mgr. - Truckload, Intermodal and Reefer - w/ Onsite
   60-65,000      Dedicated Fleets, Backhaul Arrangement, Safety, DOT Compliance, KPIs..
   Georgia        File #34835

Operations        Operations Manager - Reefer, Truckload and Intermodal - Decreased
   60-65,000      Deadhead by 12%; Grew Ontime Performance 90% to 98%; w/ DOT & Safety
   Illinois       File #34930

Operations        Terminal Manager w/ Intermodal - with Dispatch, Sales - INCREASED
   55-60,000      REVENUE BY $3MM - TMW, Customer Service, Work w/ Ports and Steamship..
   Georgia        File #34634

Operations        Operations and Sales Manager - Bulk Rail Transfer Facility - Supervise
   55-60,000      Trans-Loading Crew; Maintain Rail Yard; Sales; FRA, ISO, RCMS and FSSC
   Ohio           File #34895

Operations        Intermodal Fleet Manager- Supervise Team of 50 Drivers; Manage Safety,
   54-59,000      Compliance w/ DOT Regulations, Driver Payroll, Movement of Freight-BBA
   Georgia        File #34637

Operations        Operations Manager - Asset and Brokerage - with Sales Pricing, McLeod
   54-59,000      Software, New Business Development, FMCSR, DOT, Safety, Intermodal...
   Oregon         File #34654

Operations        Dispatch Manager - Intermodal, Reefer and Warehousing - w/ Track and
   50-55,000      Trace, Rate Negotiation, Brokerage, 3PL Import/Export, Cost Reduction
   S. Calif.      File #34715

Operations        Intermodal Dispatcher - Send Drivers to NY/NJ Ports within 150 Mile
   50-55,000      Radius; Avoid Demurrage or Per-Diem; Brokerage as Needed; TMW, AS400
   New Jersey     File #34948

Opertions         Operations Director - Truckload, Intermodal & Dedicated- 500+ Tractors
   100,000+       6 Terminals in Western States; w/ Plans, Budget Analysis, P&L; Span-BS
   California     File #34853

Pricing           Corporate Pricing Dir. - Truck/Rail Intermodal - Capacity Commitments,
   100,000+       Measure Margins, Cross-Border 20/40/53, Contracts, Biz Development- BS
   Texas          File #34042

Pricing           Director of Pricing - Intermodal and Drayage - w/ Operations, Sales,
   75-80,000      Customer Service - Manage 5 Western Terminals w/ 150 Drivers & O/ops..
   Nevada         File #33069

Recruiting        Director of Recruiting - 500 Tractors and 800 Trailers - Truckload,
   84-89,000      Flatbed and Owner-Operators; w/ Training, Retention, DOT Regs, Orient.
   Indiana        File #34925

Recruiting        Regional Recruiting Manager - w/ Web Based Sourcing, Internet, Job
   64-69,000      Fairs, Referrals - w/ Intermodal & Port Drayage; Owner-Operators- Span
   Florida        File #34683

Recruiting        Reagional Driver Recruiter - Intermodal - w/ Safety, Background Checks
   52-57,000      DAC, Logs, Random Drug Tests, Retention, Dispatch, AS400 - Span. Fluen
   S. Calif.      File #33810

Recruiting        Recruiting Manager - Trucking - w/ Intermodal - Training, Selecting
   50-55,000      Strongest Applicants Possible, Drug Testing, AS400, Interviews, Docs..
   Arizona        File #34451

Recruiting        Driver Recruiter with Safety & Claims - Flatbed and Intermodal-Qualify
   50-55,000      and Sell Drivers on Benefits of Working for Company; MVRs and DAC Rpts
   Florida        File #34968

Safety            Regional Safety Mgr.- 650 Drivers - with Collision and Risk Reduction;
   70-75,000      FMCSA Regulations; Smith System; Accident Investigation; CDS w/ a CDL
   Georgia        File #34954

Safety            Safety, Compliance and Risk Manager - w/ Recruiting, Intermodal, O/ops
   69-74,000      Accident Investigation, Claims, OSHA Audits, Improved CSA Scores by 50
   Pennsylvania   File #34972

Safety            Safety Manager - Energy and Intermodal - w/ DOT, FMCSA, OSHA, Hazmat,
   65-70,000      Driver Recruiting, Training and Retention, Logs, Drug & Alcohol, Insur
   Texas          File #34431

Safety            Safety Manager - Intermodal - with Operations and Terminal Management
   64-69,000      FMCSA and DOT Compliance; Maintenance, P&L Accountability, Budgets...
   Illinois       File #34923

Safety            Safety Manager - Intermodal Trucking with 400 Drivers - Travel to
   60-65,000      Multiple Terminals; Ensure DOT Compliance, Orientation, Training, ...
   Missouri       File #34280

Safety            Safety and Operations Manager - w/ Driver Supervision, Training, Fleet
   54-59,000      Dispatch, Compliance, Background Screening, Hiring, DOT/OSHA Audits...
   New Jersey     File #34635

Sales             Regional Sales Director - 3PL, Intermodal, Warehouse & Truckload -
   150,000+       Generated $100MM+ Revenue; Direct Sales Force of 10 Professionals- MBA
   N. Calif.      File #34415

Sales             Regional Sales Mgr. - 1,000+ Tractor Carrier w/ Dry Van, Reefer and
   100,000+       Intermodal; w/ Nat'l Accounts- Sell Truckload, Dedicated, Transload-BS
   Texas          File #33828

Sales             Marketing and Sales Manager - Rail & Port Authority - MBA and Maritime
   100,000+       Acadamy Degree - Business Development; Revenue & Profit Growth, Plans
   North Carolina File #34447

Sales             Sales Director - Intermodal and Freight Forwarding - Sales Team of Six
   100,000+       Project Cargo, Heavy-Lift, FCL, Rate Negotiations, National Accounts..
   New Jersey     File #34795

Sales             National Accounts VP - 3PL and Intermodal - Led Sales and Operations
   100,000+       Teams; INCREASED REVENUE BY 20%; Responsible for $50MM Geo. Region...
   N. Calif.      File #34851

Sales             National Accounts Director - OTR Truckload, Intermodal and Supply
   100,000+       Chain Solutions - Fortune 500 Account Base; New Business Development..
   Ohio           File #34886

Sales             Business Development Manager - Intermodal Equipment Leasing - Finance,
   94-99,000      Marketing - Strong Relationship w/ Key Customers; Plans Strategies-MBA
   S. Carolina    File #34625

Sales             Sales Director - Container Drayage for Import/Export - FTL and LTL -
   89-94,000      Intermodal - Nationwide Customer Base of Freight Forwarders and BCOs
   New Jersey     File #34940

Sales             Regional Sales Mgr. - Flatbed, Truckload & Brokerage - Managed $15MM
   84-89,000      Region; Grew Revenue Base with $5MM in New Business in Two Years - BS
   Houston Area   File #34920

Sales             Sales Manager - Refrigerated, Truckload and Intermodal - with National
   84-89,000      Accounts, Business Development, Sales Supervision, Pricing, Growth-BS
   Pennsylvania   File #34928

Sales             Regional Sales Manager - Intermodal - Truck/Rail - w/ New Business
   80-85,000      Development, Bid Management, Market Intelligence, Fortune 500 Accounts
   Ohio           File #34420

Sales             Sales and Marketing Manager - Intermodal, Heavy-Lift and Heavy Haul -
   80-85,000      w/ Multi-Modal Proposals, Ads, Website, Brochures, Email Campaigns...
   Texas          File #34614

Sales             Sales Executive - Intermodal Transportation and Equipment Rent & Lease
   75-80,000      Increase Equipment Leases by 50%; w/ Budgets, Sales Planning & Forcast
   S. Calif.      File #34623

Sales             Sales Director - Logistics, Brokerage and Warehousing w/ Refrigerated,
   74-79,000      and Intermodal - Increased Revenue by $2MM+; Set up Brokerage Division
   Illinois       File #34838

Sales             Sales and Marketing Director - 3PL and Intermodal Equipment - Generate
   74-79,000      $1MM+ Revenue; 50 New Accounts; Supervised 4 Sales Reps; BS Business
   Georgia        File #34963

Sales             Sales Manager -Expedited Rail Service Moving Refrigerated Cargo across
   70-75,000      the U.S. - w/ Public Food Service Companies, Sales Supervision, CSR-BS
   New York       File #34927

Sales             Account Executive - Import/Export Shipping, Logistics and Warehousing
   65-70,000      New Business Development - In/Out - Contracts, Closer - Japanese Flu.
   S. Calif.      File #34860

Sales             Intermodal Sales and Customer Service - Container and Chassis Leasing
   54-59,000      and 3PL - Rate Quotes, Equipment Availability, Inventory Reports, CSR
   New Jersey     File #34527

Sales             Inside Sales Coordinator - Intermodal Chassis Leasing - with Customer
   39-44,000      Service, New Business Development, Strong Phone Presence, Motivated...
   New Jersey     File #34651


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