Information Technology - Fall / Winter 2017
Motor Carrier Personnel File
Brief Descriptions of Information Technology Candidates
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Client Edition

Info Tech         Analyst / Programmer / Developer - LTL Trucking and Truck Parts Dist.
   84-89,000      w/ RPG Free, ILE, SQL, CL, DB2 on IBM AS400; Logistics & Tracking-BSBA
   Texas          File #34356

Info Technology   Chief Technology Officer for Logistics Congolmerate - with Warehouse
   150,000+       Mgt. Systems, SAP Implementation, Program Management,
   N. Carolina    File #34874

Info Technology   Systems Developer / Programmer / Analyst - Flatbed Trucking - All TMW
   100,000+       Systems and Applications, Fuel Purchasing, Qualcomm, Dispatch Systems
   Ohio           File #34363

Info Technology   Info Tech Director - Logistics and Trucking - Data Base, NAS Systems,
   100,000+       EDI Translation/Integration Software, Sales & Opers. Reports - BS Comp
   Michigan       File #34485

Info Technology   Software Development - 3PL Logistics & Supply Chain - Developmed User
   100,000+       Interfaces, Interface w/ GPS Tracking System, VB.NET, C#, Winforms-BS
   Chicago Area   File #34537

Info Technology   Applications Development Manager - Container & Chassis Leasing - Data
   100,000+       Migrations, Projects, Custom Systems Implentations, Code Maintenance..
   New Jersey     File #34655

Info Technology   Information Technology Mgr. - 3PL Client Services - w/ Database Mgt.,
   100,000+       EDI, XML, Oracle, SQL, WMOS, TMP, TMS - New Client Implementations-BS
   N. Carolina    File #34813

Info Technology   IT Director - Truckload - with Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence
   100,000+       Infrastructure, Process Improvement, Data Analytics, Help Desk Mgt-BS
   Iowa           File #34840

Info Technology   EDI Administration and Development - Trucking, Transportation and
   94-99,000      Warehousing - Work with External Customers; Analize with TIBCO - MBA
   Ohio           File #34841

Info Technology   Manager of Information Technology - Transportation Industry - Network
   90-95,000      Applications for 1,000+ Users; Sales, Service & Parts; VMWare, Citrix
   Iowa           File #34478

Info Technology   Information Services Manager - Trucking - Evaluate, Design, Procure,
   84-89,000      Install, Maintain Complex Hardware and Software to Meet Business Needs
   Arkansas       File #34849

Info Technology   Director of Information Technology - Trucking Company with 400 Tractor
   84-89,000      AS/400, Linux, Windows, EDI, Maintenance Software, TMW, PC Miler...
   Ohio           File #34917

Info Technology   Systems & Network Administrator - Tank Truck Carrier - Liason Between
   79-84,000      Users, Operations & Programming; Implement Automated Fuel Delivery Sys
   Illinois       File #35246

Info Technology   Information Exchange Specialist - Lead RPG Applications Developer for
   74-79,000      Truckload Carrier - w/ EDI, XML, Coding, Testing and Documentation...
   Illinois       File #34883

Info Technology   IT Operations Manager - 3PL Logistics - w/ AS400 Administration, SAP
   60-65,000      Basis Mgt., Data Center Operations; Supervise 5; Work Scheduling - BS
   Ohio           File #34697

Info Technology   Data Processing Analyst for Trucking Operations - Build Custom SQL
   45-50,000      Queries for TMW Trailer Mgt., Train Dispatchers for Truckmate -BS Comp
   Georgia        File #34550


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