Pricing - Fall / Winter 2017
Motor Carrier Personnel File
Brief Descriptions of Trucking Pricing and Rates Candidates
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Client Edition

Pricing           Corporate Pricing Dir. - Truck/Rail Intermodal - Capacity Commitments,
   100,000+       Measure Margins, Cross-Border 20/40/53, Contracts, Biz Development- BS
   Texas          File #34042

Pricing           IFF Pricing Manager with Bid Management - Analyze Air, Ocean & Ground
   84-89,000      Transportation RFPs, RFIs and RFQs; Competitive Analysis; BA Int'l Biz
   New Jersey     File #34662

Pricing           Director of Pricing - Intermodal and Drayage - w/ Operations, Sales,
   75-80,000      Customer Service - Manage 5 Western Terminals w/ 150 Drivers & O/ops..
   Nevada         File #33069

Pricing           Pricing Manager - Review Pricing Requests on New & Existing Customers;
   65-70,000      Analyze Competitor Rates; Rate Audits, Contracts, Profitability, AS400
   New Jersey     File #34478

Pricing           Pricing Manager with Traffic and Logistics - Reefer, Van & Heavy-Haul
   59-64,000      Identified Backhaul Opportunities; Managed Inhouse Logistics Div.-BSBA
   Pennsylvania   File #34543

Pricing           Pricing Analyst - 3PL - with Brokerage & Truckload Operations - Rates
   55-60,000      for RFP Bids; Carrier Negotiations, Load Matching, Customer Service-BS
   Illinois       File #34400

Pricing           Pricing Coordinator -Trucking- Evaluate Proposed Pricing against Costs
   50-55,000      Review Bid Proposals submitted by Sales Reps; Create Macros - BS MATH
   Pennsylvania   File #34149

Pricing           Pricing Manager - Logistics - Analyzed RFPs for Profitability, Costs,
   49-54,000      Competition; Orchestrated Moving of Over Dimensional Freight; Opers.
   Kansas         File #35047

Pricing           Pricing Analyst - Work with Steamship Lines, Truckers; Prepare Rates
   44-49,000      and Quotes for Customers; Coordinate with Global Forwarding Agents...
   Illinois       File #35242

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