Safety - Fall / Winter 2017
Motor Carrier Personnel File
Brief Descriptions of Trucking Safety and Risk Management Candidates
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Client Edition

Safety            Safety Director w/ Risk, Recruiting and Security - 500+ Tractors - CSA
   100,000+       Score Improvement; FMCSA Audits, Accident Investigation, Insurance-BA
   Michigan       File #33797

Safety            VP Safety - Truckload - 5,000+ Drivers - w/ Recruiting, Regulatory
   100,000+       Compliance, Orientation and Training, Quality Audits, ELogs, Maint.CSA
   Tennessee      File #34988

Safety            VP Safety and Driver Development - Tank and Intermodal - 750+ Company
   100,000+       and Owner-Operators; w/ FMCSA, Driver Recruiting, Retention and Train.
   Illinois       File #34989

Safety            Safety Manager - Tank Truck Carrier - w/ Driver Training, Process
   94-99,000      DAC/MV, Administer DOT Testing, Educate Driver Fleet on CSA 2010 -BSBA
   Illinois       File #31483

Safety            Area Safety Manager with Operations & Maintenance - Refuse Industry -
   94-99,000      Reduced Vehicle Accidents by 52%;  Ranked #1 in Safety; Saved $1MM+-BS
   Florida        File #34819

Safety            Corporate Safety Director - 1,000+ Drivers - with Risk Mangement - Won
   94-99,000      Fleet Safety Awards; Reduced Accidents by 30% and Saved Over $900K...
   Texas          File #34924

Safety            Safety Director - 700+ Power Unit Truckload Carrier - SAVED $3MM IN 3
   Nebraska       File #32584

Safety            Director of Safety and Compliance - 14 Terminals with Owner-Operators
   85-90,000      & Intermodal - Review all FMCSA Stats; Driver Qualifications & Review
   Tennessee      File #35175

Safety            Director of Safety with Maintenance and Operations - Tank and  Flatbed
   84-89,000      w/ DOT and FMCSA - 250+ Dirvers; REDUCED REPORTABLE ACCIDENTS BY 65%
   Mississippi    File #34666

Safety            Safety Director - Tank and Gases - Defensive Driver Training for CDL
   84-89,000      Drivers; OSHA, EPA and DOT Requirements, Accident Investigation, Hazma
   Florida        File #34768

Safety            Safety and Recruiting Director with Risk Management - Hire and Qualify
   80-85,000      CDL Dirvers; Keep DQ Files; Random Drug and Alcohol Tests; Logs, CSA..
   Illinois       File #34984

Safety            Safety Manager - Tank Truck - w/ Driver Training, FMCSA, OSHA & EPA
   75-80,000      Documentation, 200+ Drivers, Recruiting, Emergency Response Efforts...
   Florida        File #34370

Safety            Safety and Personnel Director - Tank - w/ Strict Driver Selection,
   74-79,000      Retention, Kept Turnover under 30%, Insurance, Sales & Marketing, Oper
   New Jersey     File #32906

Safety            Safety Director - CDS with Smith System Driver Training - Reduced
   74-79,000      Accidents and FMCSA/CSA Violations; Owner-Operators & Company Drivers
   Pennsylvania   File #34722

Safety            Safety and Compliance Manager - w/ Smith System Driver Training,
   74-79,000      Personnel, Safety Audits, DOT and OSHA, Accident Investigation - BBA
   Arkansas       File #34846

Safety            Safety and Security Director - 10 Years Experience with Owner-Operator
   74-79,000      and Company Drivers; FMCSA Regulations & Compliance Reviews; CSA, PSP
   S. Calif.      File #34900

Safety            Director of Safety and Operations - 200+ Truck Fleet- Reduced Accident
   74-79,000      Claims $600K; Reduced Driver Turnover by 25%; Improved HOS Compliance
   Alabama        File #34955

Safety            Safety Director - Tank Truck and Petroleum Carrier- w/ Risk Management
   74-79,000      Fleet Maintenance, Hazmat Tank Testing, Equipment, HOS, Insurance, DOT
   Kentucky       File #35280

Safety            Driver Training Manager - 5,000+ Drivers - 50+ Service Centers- Create
   73-78,000      and Present Safety Orientation for Supervisors and Managers - ELogs...
   Michigan       File #35124

Safety            Area Safety Manager - CSA and DOT Compliance; Superivise 15 Driver
   70-75,000      Trainers; CDL and Smith System Trainer; Loss Prevention for 750+ Emply
   Minnesota      File #34713

Safety            Safety Director- Truckload -with Recruiting- 300 Drivers; 700 Trailers
   70-75,000      Training; HOS; Increased Driver Retention by 25%; CDL, NATMI Cert. TMW
   Illinois       File #34950

Safety            Regional Safety Mgr.- 650 Drivers - with Collision and Risk Reduction;
   70-75,000      FMCSA Regulations; Smith System; Accident Investigation; CDS w/ a CDL
   Georgia        File #34954

Safety            Director of Safety - 400+ Drivers; 4 Terminals- with Risk Mitigation,
   70-75,000      Accident Reduction, Training, Audits, HOS, EPA, DOT and OSHA, FMCSA
   Texas          File #35126

Safety            Director of Safety and Risk Mgt. with Driver Recruiting and Operations
   69-74,000      INCREASED OWNER-OPERATOR FLEET BY 150 IN THREE YEARS; w/ Logs, Fuel...
   N. Carolina    File #34728

Safety            Safety Manager. - Imporve CSA Scores, Qualify New Drivers, HOS
   69-74,000      Compliance, Elogs, Driver Recruiting, Inspect Equipment - Tank & Bulk
   New Jersey     File #34816

Safety            Safety and Compliance Manager - w/ Flatbed and Heavy-Haul - Permits,
   69-74,000      Recruiting, Owner-Operators, Insurance Claims, Hazmat - 200+ Drivers..
   Wisconsin      File #34821

Safety            Safety, Compliance and Risk Manager - w/ Recruiting, Intermodal, O/ops
   69-74,000      Accident Investigation, Claims, OSHA Audits, Improved CSA Scores by 50
   Pennsylvania   File #34972

Safety            Safety Director - Intermodal Drayage Company - w/ Driver Hiring, Logs,
   65-70,000      All Accident and Insurance Issues, Permits, Plates, Equip. Maintenance
   DFW Area       File #32767

Safety            Director of Safety and Compliance - Heavy-Haul  and Flatbed w/ Driver
   65-70,000      Recruiting, E-Logs, Licensing and Insurance, HOS, FMCSA, Securement...
   Indiana        File #34806

Safety            Director of Safety and Risk Mgt. - 175+ Drivers and Owner-Operators w/
   65-70,000      Recruiting, Security, FMCSA & DOT Regulations, Training, Screening- BS
   Georgia        File #34836

Safety            Safety Director - 350 Tractors; 900 Trailers;; - w/ DOT and FMCSA
   65-70,000      Compliance; Hours of Service & ELogs; Recruiting;; Driver Training-CDS
   Virginia       File #34934

Safety            Safety Director - 400 Tractors; 600 Trailers; w/ Driver Training, Elog
   65-70,000      Travel to Terminals in TN and AR; Drug and Alcohol Tests; CDS - BA
   Tennessee      File #34999

Safety            Safety Director - 300+ Owner-Operators - w/ Compliance, CSA2010, DOT
   64-69,000      Files, Manage HOS and Log Auditing, Accident Investigation, Insurance.
   Ohio           File #32570

Safety            Safety Director - 150 Tractors - with Operations and Bulk - Reduce
   64-69,000      CSA Scores; DOT Compliance; PeopleNet Program; Driver Recruiting - BS
   Louisiana      File #34848

Safety            Safety Manager - Intermodal - with Operations and Terminal Management
   64-69,000      FMCSA and DOT Compliance; Maintenance, P&L Accountability, Budgets...
   Illinois       File #34923

Safety            Safety and Compliance Manager - 150+ Units - Recycling and Trash -
   64-69,000      w/ DOT and FMCSA Regs, Smith System Certified Trainer; Maintenance, DQ
   S. Calif.      File #35281

Safety            Safety Manager with Compliance - 120 CDL Class A Drivers - with Logs,
   63-68,000      Training, DOT & FMCSA Regulations, Pay Plans, Drug Testing, Claims...
   Atlanta Area   File #35108

Safety            Safety Director with Owner-Operator Recruiting - Ensure Compliance w/
   60-65,000      FMSCA Regs.; Maintenance Records and Documentation; Operations, Train.
   New Jersey     File #32432

Safety            Safety Manager - Flatbed - Spanish Fluency -  DOT Compliance, Inspect
   60-65,000      Tractors and Trailers, Operations and Fleet Mgt., Owner-Operators...
   Laredo, TX     File #32729

Safety            Safety Manager - Intermodal Trucking with 400 Drivers - Travel to
   60-65,000      Multiple Terminals; Ensure DOT Compliance, Orientation, Training, ...
   Missouri       File #34280

Safety            Safety and HR Manager - 100 Tractors and 120 Trailers - Reefer and Dry
   60-65,000      Van - w/ DOT and FMCSA Compliance; Driver Qualifications, Drug Tests..
   Chicago Area   File #34712

Safety            Regional Safety Manger - CSA Records and DOT Compliance - Terminal
   60-65,000      Inspections; Agent Relations, Accident Review, TMS Systems, Recruiting
   Florida        File #34765

Safety            Safety Director - 75 Trucks; 300 Trailers - with Compliance, FMCSA,
   60-65,000      Driver Recruting and Retention, Driver Training, Operations, Term. Mgt
   Tennessee      File #35043

Safety            Fleet Safety and Driver Development - Tank and Reefer - w/ Compliance,
   60-65,000      DOT, CSA Scores, Hazmat, Fuel Mileage & IFTA Reporting, HOS, Drug Test
   Virginia       File #35076

Safety            Safety Manager with Driver Recruiting and Operations - 200+ Drivers
   60-65,000      with Human Resources, Compliance, TMW, LogScan, PDS, Rydesmart, WMS...
   Georgia        File #35165

Safety            Safety Manager Driver Recruiting, Log Audits, Fuel Reports, Accident
   60-65,000      Investigation, Preventative Maintenance, Training, Roadside Inspection
   New Jersey     File #35179

Safety            Safety Manager - 300 Drivers in a Dedicated Fleet Environment - with
   59-64,000      Orientation and Training; PeopleNet ELogs; DriveCam, Insurance, Opers.
   N. Carolina    File #34689

Safety            Safety Manager -Tank- DOT and CSA Audits; Compliance, Hours of Service
   59-64,000      Hazmat Permit Renewals; Driver Training and Spill Investigations - CDL
   DFW Area       File #34854

Safety            Safety and Recruiting Manager - Hire and Train Drivers and Maintenance
   59-64,000      Manage Oversize Permits; Accident Investigation; FMCSA, DOT, Drug Test
   Ohio           File #34971

Safety            Field Safety Support Specialist - Truckload - Managed 100 Professional
   59-64,000      Drivers; w/ Training, Compliance, Log Reviews, DOT Inspections, Hazmat
   Wisconsin      File #35086

Safety            Safety and Compliance Manager with Operations, Tank and Petroleum -
   59-64,000      NATMI CDS, DOT, FMCSA, Driver Recruiting, Retention, Training & Orient
   Kansas         File #35171

Safety            Safety Manager - 6 Terminals; 125 Drivers; - with DOT Compliance and
   59-64,000      Training - CDL w/ Smith System Training; Fleet Maintenance, Inspectns.
   Florida        File #35269

Safety            Safety Manager - 400 Tractors, 800 Trailers - w/ HOS, MIOSHA, FMCSA,
   55-60,000      CSA and DOT Compliance, Vehicle Inspections, Training Manuals & Mater.
   Michigan       File #33630

Safety            Safety Manager with Compliance and Operations - 70+ Truck Operation;
   55-60,000      E-Logs, FMCSA Regulations, Hours of Service, Driver Recruiting & Qual.
   Indiana        File #34792

Safety            Safety and Compliance Manager - 200 Company Trucks; Driver Hiring;
   55-60,000      Maintain and Lower CSA Scores; Driver Training, FMCSA & DOT Compliance
   Illinois       File #37907

Safety            Safety Manager - 80 Tractors; 200+ Trailers - Flatbed, Heavy-Haul and
   54-59,000      Intermodal - REDUCED CSA SCORES,  Driver Orientation, Log Audits, HOS
   Michigan       File #33838

Safety            DOT Compliance Manager with Warranty Claims - 200+ Commercial Vehicles
   54-59,000      Title and Registrations; Accident Claims; Trained 400+ Dirvers; FMCSA
   Pennsylvania   File #34678

Safety            Safety Manager with Compliance, Operations, Dispatch, ELogs, Knowledge
   54-59,000      of DOT and FMCSA Regulations, IFTA Reports, Customer Service, Sales...
   Connecticut    File #34706

Safety            Safety Field Trainer with Driver Qualifications Processing, Recruiting
   54-59,000      Tenstreet, DOT Compliance, Physicals and Drug Screens, MVR Reports...
   Ohio           File #35094

Safety            Safety and Driver Recruiting Specialist - Tank Truck - with Driver
   54-59,000      Management, HOS Compliance, Logs, Inspections, Incident Investigations
   DFW Area       File #35098

Safety            SAfety and Compliance with CDL - LTL and Truckload - for 4 Terminals
   54-59,000      with Driver Training and Hiring; DQ Files, Elogs, Maintenance, OS&D...
   Wisconsin      File #35282

Safety            Safety and Compliance Manager - Truckload - w/ Log Analysis; Achieved
   52-57,000      95% Compliance; Reduced Driver Violations by 10%; Attention to Detail
   Pennsylvania   File #34809

Safety            Safety & Compliance Manager - Flatbed, Truckload and Tank - 50 Drivers
   50-55,000      w/ Safety Training and Programs, Claims Mgt., Improve CSA Scores -BBA
   Ohio           File #34667

Safety            Safety Coordinator - 300+ Drivers - With Recruiting, E-Logs, Dispatch,
   50-55,000      IFTA Use Taxes, MVRs and Employment Verification, Tenstreet, JJ Keller
   Oklahoma       File #35064

Safety            Safety Manager - 75 Drivers - with Recruiting, Orientation, Training,
   50-55,000      DOT Files, Hours of Service, Claims, Insurance, Maintenance Files...
   Kansas         File #35170

Safety            Safety Manager - Flatbed - with Recruiting, Operations, Dispatch,
   50-55,000      Maintenance, DOT Compliance, Qualcomm, FMCSA, Retention, Customer Srv.
   Ohio           File #35213

Safety            Field Safety Specialist - Truckload - Management and Training of
   50-55,000      Drivers; FMCSA; Driver Orientations, Safety Meetings, O/OP Contracts..
   Florida        File #35255

Safety            Safety, Recruiting and Retention - Smaller Trucking Company - Hired
   49-54,000      40 Drivers and Owner-Operators in last Year; w/ Brokerage & Backhaul
   Indiana        File #35123

Safety            Safety Manager - 65+ Company Drivers and Owner-Operators - DOT, OSHA &
   49-54,000      Hazmat Compliance; Accident Investigations, Training, HOS - BS Degree
   Georgia        File #35268

Safety            Safety Supervisor - Refrigerated - HOS Questions, Weight Distribution,
   45-50,000      Routing, Trip Planning, Accident Reporting, Follow-Up, Training - CDL
   Texas          File #35199

Safety            Safety Administrator - Tank Truck - Audit Driver Compliance with FMCSA
   44-49,000      Regulations, Monitor Electronic Logs Program, Driver Counseling, Train
   Pennsylvania   File #33901

Safety            Safety Manager with Operations & Traffic - 20 Trucks - DOT Compliance,
   42-47,000      Monthly Maintenance Schedules, HOS, ISO9002, Customer Service, Rates..
   Ohio           File #35131

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