Sales - Fall / Winter 2017
Motor Carrier Sales Personnel File
Brief Descriptions of Trucking Sales Candidates
Employers: Contact us with File #s of Candidates you're interested in by Phone: 800-347-3434;
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Client Edition

Sales             Sales Director - Trucks and Cranes - Domestic and Int'l - Rebuild
   150,000+       Damaged Dealer and Customer Relationships; Upgraded Sales Force - MBA
   Washington     File #35155

Sales             Business Development Manager - Gulf Coast - Tank and Chemical - Cust.
   125,000+       Base of $50MM+ with Overall P&L Responsibility for 6 Terminals - BSBA
   Texas          File #35257

Sales             Sales VP - Truckload, Flatbed and Dedicated - with National Accounts,
   100,000+       Pricing, Freight Network Profitability, Sales Supervision & Trainging
   Ohio           File #32847

Sales             Regional Sales Director - $150MM LTL Carrier - w/ National Accounts,
   100,000+       Expedited and Int'l - Sales Training for 30+ Sales Representatives-MBA
   Virginia       File #33456

Sales             Regional Sales Mgr. - 1,000+ Tractor Carrier w/ Dry Van, Reefer and
   100,000+       Intermodal; w/ Nat'l Accounts- Sell Truckload, Dedicated, Transload-BS
   Texas          File #33828

Sales             Sales & Marketing VP - 3PL and Supply Chain - Large Oil & Gas Shippers
   100,000+       $30MM+ Gross Revenue for Team; Contract Negotiation; Hunter Mentality
   Houston Area   File #34475

Sales             Regional Business Development Mgr. - Air, Ocean, CHB and Warehousing -
   100,000+       Generate Personal Sales and Lane Development; Over $$5MM in Sales...
   S. Calif.      File #34656

Sales             Sales Manager - Truckload and 3PL - Developed $2.7MM Book of Business
   100,000+       w/ Sales Planning, Performance Management, Networking, Contract Negtn.
   Ohio           File #34665

Sales             Area Sales Manager - OEM Truck Manufacturer - Render Technical Assist
   100,000+       to Dealers; Sales Training; Administer Key National Accounts - BS Bus.
   N. Carolina    File #34673

Sales             Vice President National Account Sales - Truckload - SECURED $35MM IN
   100,000+       NEW BUSINESS; Manage and Develop Sales Staff; Set Objectives, Strategy
   Georgia        File #34674

Sales             National Account Sales - Truckload and Flatbed - Manage a $40MM Book
   100,000+       of Business; Negotiate all Pricing and Lane Details; New Biz Devel.-BA
   Missouri       File #34698

Sales             Sales Manager - Int'l Transportation - INCREASED REVENUE FROM $10MM TO
   100,000+       $40MM IN 10 YEARS;  w/ National Accounts; C Level Sales; Contract Neg.
   S. Calif.      File #34753

Sales             National Account Sales - Truckload and Flatbed - Manage 8 Terminals -
   100,000+       $60MM Customer Sales; Negotiate all Pricing and ane Details - BS Bus
   Missouri       File #34787

Sales             Sales Director - Intermodal and Freight Forwarding - Sales Team of Six
   100,000+       Project Cargo, Heavy-Lift, FCL, Rate Negotiations, National Accounts..
   New Jersey     File #34795

Sales             New Truck Sales Director -Helped 75% of New Truck Sales Team Earn Over
   100,000+       $100K; Increased Sales by 25% Year over Year; Contests, Team Building
   S. Calif.      File #34814

Sales             Steamship Sales & Operations VP - w/ Transpacific Pricing; Key Global
   100,000+       Accounts; Port and Terminal Operations, Marketing, Customer Service-BA
   Connecticut    File #34837

Sales             National Accounts VP - 3PL and Intermodal - Led Sales and Operations
   100,000+       Teams; INCREASED REVENUE BY 20%; Responsible for $50MM Geo. Region...
   N. Calif.      File #34851

Sales             IFF Sales Vice President - $50MM Revenue - Import/Export - w/ Route
   100,000+       Development for Near Middle East, Africa and Turkey - Pricing, Plans..
   New Jersey     File #34855

Sales             Global Account Manager - 3PL, Warehousing, CHB, Air, Ocean, Trucking-
   100,000+       Responsible for $50MM Revenue Sales - Quotes, Performance, KPIs - BS
   New York       File #34859

Sales             Sales Manager - Busses - With National Accounts - INCREASED SALES 100%
   100,000+       TO 500 uNITS; Grew Dealer Network; Handle Trade Shows, Marketing - BS
   Ohio           File #34878

Sales             National Accounts Director - OTR Truckload, Intermodal and Supply
   100,000+       Chain Solutions - Fortune 500 Account Base; New Business Development..
   Ohio           File #34886

Sales             Truckload Sales Director - GA, FL, AL & MS - with National Accounts &
   100,000+       Own Book of Business; Supervise 20+ Sales Reps; Negotiate and Close-BS
   Georgia        File #34894

Sales             Western Region Sales Director - Refrigerated and Truckload - $7MM New
   100,000+       Business Development in Past Year; with Contracts, Pricing, Nat. Accts
   California     File #34910

Sales             National Accounts VP - Truckload, Brokerage, Dedicated & Heavy Haul -
   100,000+       Contributed $15MM Revenue Per Year with Major Accounts; BS Marketing
   Florida        File #34915

Sales             Sales Executive - 3PL Logistics - Supervise 20+ Sales Employees; with
   100,000+       Training, Team Building Skills; Over $1MM in Personal Sales; Goals...
   Kentucky       File #34964

Sales             Sales & Logistics Director - Harbor Drayage, Warehousing and Brokerage
   100,000+       Developed Domestic Brokerage Division for NVOCC w/ Carrier Sourcing...
   S. Calif.      File #34992

Sales             Int'l Sales Manager - $100MM+ Territory with Key Account Management,
   100,000+       Customer Relationships, Fortune 500 Clients; Key Retail Contacts -BSBA
   S. Calif.      File #35008

Sales             Business Development Director - Refrigerated Warehousing - SOLD $5MM
   100,000+       IN NEW SALES -w/ Financial Analysis, Forecasting, C-Level Clients-BSBA
   Pennsylvania   File #35041

Sales             Sales Vice President - 3PL Brokerage - $75MM+ Revenue - INCREASED
   100,000+       REVENUE BY 220% IN FIVE YEARS; w/ Sales Recruitment & Training, P&L BA
   Kentucky       File #35120

Sales             VP Sales and Marketing - Truckload w/ National Accounts - Personally
   100,000+       Developed $20MM from New Clients; Grew Fleet from 350 to 500 Units -BS
   Illinois       File #35129

Sales             Regional Sales Mgr - INCREASED SALES BY 20%+ IN 2016 TO OVER $3MM; W/
   100,000+       Commercial Heavy-duty Truck Sales and Leasing - High Level Contacts-BS
   Ohio           File #35157

Sales             Area Sales Manager - Flatbed, Heavy-Haul, Overdimensional and Dry Van.
   100,000+       Soutwest and Midwest Territory - with National Accounts, Pricing - MBA
   Arkansas       File #35183

Sales             Sales Vice President - Business Development for Mid-Sized Termperature
   100,000+       Controlled Truckload Carriers - Head-Haul and Back-Haul; TMS, CSR -BS
   Kansas         File #35198

Sales             Business Development Mgr. - Air/Ocean/Brokerage - Im/EX - w/ National
   94-99,000      Accts; Market Analysis; Europe, Far East and S. America, Cust. Service
   S. Calif.      File #34661

Sales             National Accounts Manager - Refrigerated, Truckload and Dedicated -
   94-99,000      $20MM+ Plus in Sales; w/ Rate Negotiations, New Business Development..
   Illinois       File #35160

Sales             Business Development Manager - Petroleum and CNG - INCREASED SALES BY
   90-95,000      50%; w/ Market Analysis, Manage 10 $500K+ Accounts; Bulk Fuel - BSBA
   Georgia        File #35189

Sales             Sales Director - Container Drayage for Import/Export - FTL and LTL -
   89-94,000      Intermodal - Nationwide Customer Base of Freight Forwarders and BCOs
   New Jersey     File #34940

Sales             Sales Executive - Domestic and International Freight - Develop and
   85-90,000      Implement Sales Strategies, Analysis, Marketing, C Level Contacts - BS
   S. Calif.      File #34739

Sales             Business Development Manager - Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding, CHB,
   85-90,000      and Drayage; INCREASE REVENUE BY $1.75MM; Communicate w/ Foreign Offce
   S. Calif.      File #34839

Sales             Sales Director - Truckload and Reefer - $50MM+ Trucking Company - Long
   85-90,000      Term Relationships with Regional & National Accounts; Generate $7MM+
   S. Carolina    File #34933

Sales             Regional Sales Mgr. - Flatbed, Truckload & Brokerage - Managed $15MM
   84-89,000      Region; Grew Revenue Base with $5MM in New Business in Two Years - BS
   Houston Area   File #34920

Sales             Sales Manager - Refrigerated, Truckload and Intermodal - with National
   84-89,000      Accounts, Business Development, Sales Supervision, Pricing, Growth-BS
   Pennsylvania   File #34928

Sales             Sales and Marketing Mgr. - Truckload - South Texas and Mexico- Balance
   84-89,000      and Expand Network; New Business Development; Spanish Fluency - BS Biz
   Texas          File #35022

Sales             General Manager - Domestic and Int'l 3PL - Developed $2MM in Gross
   84-89,000      Profit through Personal Direct Sales; Container Drayage, Im/Ex, FTL...
   Illinois       File #35050

Sales             Business Development Mgr. - Responsible for Sales Activity East Coast
   84-89,000      and Mid-Atlantic for Import/Export to S. America & China - Air & Ocean
   Pennsylvania   File #35053

Sales             Senior Account Executive - Steamship - Sell and Market Carrier Service
   84-89,000      to NVOCC & BCO Shippers; w/ Rate Negotiations, Plans, Market Research
   New Jersey     File #35067

Sales             Area Sales Manager - Truckload, Dedicated, Intermodal, Flatbed and
   84-89,000      Brokerage - Develop Regional Operating Plans, Handle National Accts-BS
   Minnesota      File #35161

Sales             Sales Manager - 3PL Logistics and Air Freight Forwarding - w/ Contract
   74-79,000      Negotiation, Bids, Sales Training, Lane P&L - INCREASED LOAD COUNT 25%
   Florida        File #34693

Sales             Sales Manager - Full Service Logistics Provider - w/ National Accts.,
   79-84,000      Rate Negotiation - Truck, Air & Ocean; Cold Calls, Cross Selling- BSBA
   Illinois       File #34945

Sales             Sales Manager - New & Used Heavy Duty Trucks; w/ Pricing, Advertising,
   79-84,000      Specifications, Financing, Warranty Registrations, New Business Devel.
   Indiana        File #35000

Sales             IFF Sales Manager - Personal Sales of $2MM+ in 2016; Doubled Gross
   75-80,000      Profit; New Business Development; Carrier Rates; Air Import; Drawback
   Illinois       File #34919

Sales             Regional Sales Manger - Van, Flatbed and Dedicated - New Business Dev.
   74-79,000      Presentations, Rate Negotiations, Cover TX, OK, MS, LA - $6.5MM Terr.
   Houston Area   File #34772

Sales             LTL Transportation Professional with Sales Management, Operations,
   74-79,000      Warehousing  - INCREASED REVENUE FROM $8MM TO $14MM IN THREE YEARS -BS
   S. Calif.      File #34815

Sales             Sales Manager - Develop National Accounts for Import/Export, Warehouse
   74-79,000      and Transportation; Pricing and Rate Negotiation; Consolidation - BSBA
   S. Calif.      File #34824

Sales             Sales Director - Logistics, Brokerage and Warehousing w/ Refrigerated,
   74-79,000      and Intermodal - Increased Revenue by $2MM+; Set up Brokerage Division
   Illinois       File #34838

Sales             Sales Manager - Freight  Forwarding and Logistics w/ NVOCC - Outside
   74-79,000      Sales; Specilize in Far East Market; New Business Development, Cust Sr
   New Jersey     File #34889

Sales             Sales Executive - Global Supply Chain Logistics Provider- New Business
   74-79,000      Development, Sales Strateges, Client Retention - US, Asia and Europe
   N. Calif.      File #34944

Sales             Area Sales Manager - Air Freight and Trucking - Manage Strategic B2B
   74-79,000      Sales Opportunities Growing 400 Accounts - Airlines, Forwarders, 3PLs
   Florida        File #34947

Sales             Sales and Marketing Director - 3PL and Intermodal Equipment - Generate
   74-79,000      $1MM+ Revenue; 50 New Accounts; Supervised 4 Sales Reps; BS Business
   Georgia        File #34963

Sales             Regional Sales Manager - Truckload, Reefer & Brokerage - Relationships
   74-79,000      with 200 Brokerages; Develop New Reefer Accts; Tripled Revenue to $6MM
   Texas          File #34998

Sales             Sales Manager - Freight Forwarding, Trucking and Warehousing - with
   74-79,000      Business Development, NVOCC, Steamship Agency Mgt., Rates & Contracts
   Philadelphia   File #35055

Sales             Steamship Sales Executive - Grew N. Carolina Territory by 60+% and
   74-79,000      Increased Gross Margin by 40%; Brought in 20+ New Reefer Accounts-BS
   N. Carolina    File #35072

Sales             Truck Lease Sales Representataive- TOP SALES REP SELLING $3MM+ IN 2016
   74-79,000      Bi-Lingual Spanish- w/ Account Mgt., Territory Development, Salesforce
   Miami Area     File #35082

Sales             Sales Manager - Southeast - Flatbed and Heavy-Haul - with National
   74-79,000      Accounts, New Business Development, Government Accts, Marketing - BS
   Atlanta Area   File #35186

Sales             Sr. Steamphip Account Manager - Manage 10+ Strategic NVOCs and Freight
   70-75,000      Forwarders in NJ and NY Area; Increase Im/Exports to Asia, Europe, SA
   New York       File #34793

Sales             Major Account Sales - Waste Services- New York and NJ Territory; with
   70-75,000      New Biz Development, Contracts, Pricing, P&L; Accouts $15K to $100K+
   Long Island    File #34805

Sales             Aftermarket Sales Manager - Peterbilt and Int'l Heavy and Medium Duty
   70-75,000      Trucks; Promote Sales Growth at Large Fleets -500+ Tractors- BS Markt
   DFW Area       File #34880

Sales             Sales Manager - Custom Cab and Chassis Sales to Fire Apparatus OEMs
   70-75,000      thoughout the U.S. - Identify Fire Department Needs; Custom Solutions
   Michigan       File #34882

Sales             Regional Director of Sales - LTL - with Operations & Multi-Terminal
   70-75,000      Mgt. - Manage 20+ Account Managers in OH, MI & IN; Drivers & Dock Wkrs
   Ohio           File #34922

Sales             Sales Manager -Expedited Rail Service Moving Refrigerated Cargo across
   70-75,000      the U.S. - w/ Public Food Service Companies, Sales Supervision, CSR-BS
   New York       File #34927

Sales             Truck Rental Sales Manager - $2MM+ Revenue in 2016 - with Direct Sales
   70-75,000      Contracts, Fleet Operations Management for Three Offices - BS Business
   Ohio           File #34980

Sales             Truck Lease and Rental Manager - Opened 100 New Rental/Lease Account
   70-75,000      in Four Years; INCREASED REVENUE BY $3.2MM+; w/ Operations, Fleet Mgt.
   Oklahoma       File #35158

Sales             National Account Exective - Truckload, 3PL & Reefer - Manage Existing
   69-74,000      Clients and New Business Development; Lead CSR Planners, Dispatch-BSBA
   Pennsylvania   File #34790

Sales             Trade Lane Sales Manager - Korea and China - Freight Forwarding and
   69-74,000      Supply Chain Mgt., Key Accounts in High Tech, Machinery...Chin. Fluen.
   S. Calif.      File #34942

Sales             National Account Director - 3PL Logistics & Brokerage - $1MM+ Revenue
   69-74,000      w/ 14% Margin; Assist Operations w/ Overflow Freight; TL, LTL, Flat...
   N. Carolina    File #34946

Sales             Regional Sales Manager - Truckload - Responsible for GA, FL, NC & SC
   69-74,000      Managed 50+ Customers; $13MM in Revenue; Pricing, Cold Calls - BS Comm
   Atlanta Area   File #35248

Sales             New Truck Sales Manager with National Account Parts Sales in Eastern
   65-70,000      U.S., Canada, Central America and Caribbean; CRM, Oracle - Multi-Ling.
   Ohio           File #34830

Sales             Account Executive - Import/Export Shipping, Logistics and Warehousing
   65-70,000      New Business Development - In/Out - Contracts, Closer - Japanese Flu.
   S. Calif.      File #34860

Sales             Sales Account Executive - Int'l Freight Forwarding and Domestic Truck
   65-70,000      Brokerage - ANNUAL SALES REVENUE $1.2MM - Air, Ocean, Truck, Im/Export
   Michigan       File #34963

Sales             Truck Sales - New and Used - Fleet and Commercial - with New Business
   65-70,000      Development; Maintain Relations w/ Existing Accounts; Finance & Insur.
   Florida        File #35152

Sales             Truck Sales Representative - New and Used - Develop Territory in Terms
   65-70,000      of Market Penetration, Sales Volume & Profitability; Spec Building- BS
   Idaho          File #35154

Sales             Sales Executive - Freight Forwarding, Trucking, Special Projects -with
   64-69,000      NVOCC, Air & Ocean Import/Export - Oil, Gas, Hazardous Materials -BSBA
   Houston Area   File #33031

Sales             Class 8 Truck Sales Account Mgr. - New and Used - RANKED IN TOP 10% OF
   64-69,000      OUTSIDE SALES REPS NATIONALLY - w/ Cold Calls, Bids, Referrals, Leads.
   Phoenix, AZ    File #33371

Sales             Sales Executive - Sell Transportation Services to Businesses in the
   64-69,000      Los Angeles Area; w/ New Business Development, Cold Calls, Cust Srv-BS
   S. Calif.      File #34741

Sales             Sales Manager - Class 8 Used Trucks - Purchase, Manage Reconditioning,
   64-69,000      Maintenance, Estimate Condition, Negotiate Contracts, Customer Relatns
   Texas          File #34743

Sales             Senior Account Manager - Freight Forwarding - Business Development in
   64-69,000      TX, OK, AR, LA for Small to Medium Size Companies; Consolidations-BSBA
   Houston Area   File #34794

Sales             Terminal Manager with New Business Development; Work with Mexican
   64-69,000      Partners to Increase Revenue from $30MM to $44MM A Year; Span. Fluency
   Texas          File #34850

Sales             Sales Manager - Stevedoring, Warehouse, Distribution, Ocean and Air
   64-69,000      Freight Forwarding and CHB - LATAM Travel, New Biz Development, Span..
   Miami Area     File #35054

Sales             Sales Manager - Freight Forwarding - Outside Sales - Import Prospects
   64-69,000      with 1,000+ TEUs on a Single Trade Lane; Focus on Retail Logistics...
   New York       File #35080

Sales             Sales Executive - Logistics and Freight Forwarding - Import/Export -
   64-69,000      Chinese and Japanese Fluency - w/ New Business Development, Cold Calls
   S. Calif.      File #35177

Sales             Logistics Sales - Flatbed & Intermodal - $1MM+ Sales with New Business
   64-69,000      Development, Brokerage, National Accts, Operations - Account Following
   Illinois       File #35185

Sales             Midwest Area Sales Mgr. - Steamship - INCREASED TERRITORY REVENUE FROM
   64-69,000      $8MM TO $13MM; Manage 80+ Customer Accounts; w/ Cust. Service- Span Fl
   Chicago Area   File #35228

Sales             Business Development Manger - Refrigerated and Frozen - Work to Secure
   64-69,000      Customers w/ High Profit Margins; Interface w/ Operations & Warehouse
   Tennessee      File #35249

Sales             Truck Parts Outside Sales - Peterbilt, Int'l, Cummins, Cat, Detroit,
   60-65,000      Eaton, etc - INCREASED SALES FROM $6K PER MONTH TH 70K PER MONTH -BSBA
   Pennsylvania   File #33150

Sales             Sales Account Manager - Truck Rental, Leasing, Maintenance and Part
   60-65,000      Sales - Manage a Book of Business of 40+ Accounts; New Biz Dev. - BSBA
   Michigan       File #34035

Sales             Truck Lease Sales Executive - w/ New Business Development, Account
   60-65,000      Management, Strategic Planning, Marketing - Award Winner- BS Marketing
   Pennsylvania   File #34748

Sales             National Account Executive - Air, Ocean and Domestic Shipments; Auto
   60-65,000      Vertical and B2C Industrial Sector; Liason w/ Custom Brokers & Agents
   Michigan       File #34783

Sales             Sales Executive - Import/Export- Steamship, CHB, Warehousing, Drawback
   60-65,000      Michigan, OH & IN Territory; Secure BCO and NVOCC Contracts; Rates...
   Michigan       File #34869

Sales             Sales and Logistics Manager - Ocean and Air Freight - Lead Team of 20
   60-65,000      Members - w/ Warehousing, International Logistics - Spanish Flu - BSBA
   Miami Area     File #34941

Sales             Truck Sales - Heavy-Duty - New & Used - with New Business Development,
   60-65,000      Maintain Existing Accounts, Marketing, Appraise Used Trucks for Resale
   Texas          File #35017

Sales             Trailer Leasing Branch Manager with Sales and Operations; Manage 1,500
   60-65,000      Units; Superivse 5 Mechanics; P&L Responsibility; Marketing, Cold Call
   DFW Area       File #35018

Sales             Account Exectuive - New and Used Commercial Trucks - Consultative
   60-65,000      Selling; Help Customer Understand Value Proposition; Help w/ Financing
   Indidana       File #35151

Sales             Sales - Truckload & LTL - Full Cycle New Business Development; Manage
   60-65,000      a Portfolio of 150+ Accounts Generating $1.3MM+ Revenue per Year...
   Arizona        File #35166

Sales             Inside Sales Representative - Air and Ocean Forwarding - Japanese and
   59-64,000      Chinese Fluency - with Customer Service, Rates and Credit, Import - BA
   Illinois       File #35144

Sales             Outside Sales Engineer - Trailers and Truck Engine Parts - Price Quote
   55-60,000      and Bids, New Business Development, Inventory, Customer Service, R&D..
   Calif.         File #33387

Sales             New Truck Sales Manager and Salesman - Managed New/Used Trucks and
   55-60,000      3 Salesmen; Helped in Operational Set-UP of Two Locations in Florida
   Alabama        File #34725

Sales             Sales Manager - Truckload Brokerage - Climbed from Operations Rep. to
   55-60,000      Senior Sales; Generated $700K Gross Revenue; w/ New Business Developmt
   Buffalo, NY    File #34779

Sales             Field Sales Representative - Used Trucks, Parts and Service - Generate
   55-60,000      Leads; Negotiate Purchase and Resale of Semi-Trucks; Advertising,...
   Indiana        File #34879

Sales             New and Used Truck Sales - Class 8 Dealership - Develop New Accounts
   55-60,000      for Sales, Parts and Service; Previous Truck Lease, Rental and Maint.
   Tennessee      File #38120

Sales             Sales Manager - Air Import/Export, NVOCC, FCL and LCL - Sales Calls
   55-60,000      and Meetings, Rate Quotes, Operation Supervision, CSR - Korean Flu.-BS
   Georgia        File #35147

Sales             Truck Parts and Lubricants Sales Representative - New Jersey and Penn.
   55-60,000      Territory; Meet with Clients; Assess Immediate Needs; Present Products
   New Jersey     File #35159

Sales             Used Truck Sales - Bilingual Inside and Outside - Sell Used Commercial
   55-60,000      Trucks & Trailers; Forge Relationships w/ Trucking Companies, Finance
   N. Calif.      File #35192

Sales             Outside Sales Representative -Truck Leasing- Recent Degree in Business
   54-59,000      New Biz Development, Fleet Planning & Profitability- $1MM+ NEW REVENUE
   Ohio           File #34749

Sales             Used Truck Sales Representative- Heavy Truck Sales; Cold Calls; Repeat
   54-59,000      Customers; Internet Leads, Sales Training; Acct. Mgr. for National Acc
   Arizona        File #34785

Sales             Account Exectutive = Manage Portfolio of 175 Accounts including
   54-59,000      Negotiating Pricing Tariffs; w/ New Business Development; Telemarketng
   Ohio           File #34888

Sales             Outside Sales Representatvie - Truck Rental and Leasing - INCREASED
   54-59,000      COMMERCIAL BUSINESS BY 16%; Manage 20+ Accounts; Recent BSAB Business
   Rhode Island   File #35051

Sales             Outside Truck Parts Sales Representative - Lead Parts Counterman-Build
   54-59,000      Customer Base; Facilitate Expansion into Washington State; Price & CSR
   Washington     File #35073

Sales             Inside Sales Specialist - Rate Quotations for Ocean, Air and Truck;
   49-54,000      NVOCC Export to Japan -FCL/LCL- Coordinate Shipments- Japanese Fluency
   S. Calif.      File #34832

Sales             Sales and Operations Mgr. - Forwarding and NVOCCC - with Im/Export,
   49-54,000      Project Cargo, Letters of Credit, Documentation, Heavy-Lift, Bids, CSR
   Texas          File #34943

Sales             Logistics Sales Coordinator - Truckload and Brokerage - Maintain a
   49-54,000      Book of Business; Build Volume; Develop Carrier Network; Rates - BSBA
   Ohio           File #35033

Sales             Inside Sales and Business Development - Air Cargo - w/ Rate Negotiatns
   49-54,000      with Carriers, Customers and Agents; Im/Export Bookings, Documentation
   DFW Area       File #35146

Sales             Business Development Manager - Air and Ocean Export and Domestic -with
   49-54,000      Opeations, Billing, Collections, Track and Trace - Span Fluency - BSBA
   Miami Area     File #35227

Sales             Logistics Account Executive - Recent College Graduate in Business from
   44-49,000      SEC School; w/ Business Development; Pursue, Close and Maintain Accts.
   Tennessee      File #35052

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