Waste & Recycling Personnel File - Fall / Winter 2017

Brief Descriptions of Waste and Recycling Candidates selected to: Increase Revenues - Reduce Expenses
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Waste and Recycling; Ocean

Accounting        CFO - Trucking, Hazardous Waste & Fracking - Responsible for Multiple
   125,000+       Entities; Financial Reporting, Banking Relations, Insurance- BS Acctg.
   New York       File #34684

Accounting        Controller / CFO - Truckload, Bulk & Dedicated Logistics - w/ Banking,
   100,000+       Financial Statements, Insurance, Info Technology, Budgets, Costs -BSBA
   Calif.         File #32827

Brokerage         Brokerage Operations Mgr. - INCREASED LOAD COUNT FROM 30 A DAY TO
   60-65,000      120 A DAY; w/ Carrier Network and Onboarding; TMS and EDI Integration
   Wisconsin      File #34724

Logistics         Petroleum Logistics - Operations and Sales - Manage 400+ Clients with
   70-75,000      New Business Development; Liason Between Dispatch, Sales, Cust. Serv.
   Illinois       File #34810

Maintenance       Hands-On Shop Manager with Tank Truck - Schedule Equipment Repairs,
   64-69,000      Safety, Cleanliness, Records, Staff Supervision, Customer Service, PM
   Texas          File #34771

Maintenance       Maintenance Manager - Hands-On - Oversee 4 Terminals; 100+ Tractors;
   60-65,000      with Parts Inventory, Warranty Claims, DOT, PM - Supervise 10 Techs...
   Virginia       File #34458

Maintenance       Maintenance Shop Supervisor - 250+ Tractor Trailers - Schedule Mechs.
   60-65,000      for Day to Day Operations; Budgets, Estimates, Vendor Relations, Inven
   Michigan       File #34513

Maintenance       Maintenance Shop Mgr. - Tank Truck - Schedule Mechanics and Service
   59-64,000      Writers; PM and Necessary Repairs on Revenue Equipment; Cleaning Racks
   S. Carolina    File #33728

Operations        Operations Manager - Tank, 3PL & Intermodal - Three Bulk Distribution
   100,000+       Rail Facilities; Driver Recruitment, 3PL Carrier Sourcing & Rates-BSBA
   New Jersey     File #33384

Operations        Transportation and Warehousing Director - with TMS, WMS, SAP; Managed
   100,000+       150 Unit Private Fleet; Increased Productivity by 20%; Saved $3MM - BS
   Ohio           File #34572

Operations        Operations and Sales Manager - Trucking and Warehousing - w/ Sales,
   100,000+       Oversee Linehaul for 4 Terminals; Storage Operations for 5 Facilities.
   S. Calif.      File #90000

Operations        Regional Operations Mgr. - Truckload and Oilfield - $100MM Revenue
   100,000+       Responsibility; Increased Operations from 300 to 600 Trucks; w/ Safety
   Texas          File #34702

Operations        Regional Operations Mgr. - Tank, Bulk & Gases - Responsible for Nine
   89-94,000      Terminals with $20MM+ Revenue; w/ Safety, Maintenance, Equipment,...
   Tennessee      File #34671

Operations        Area Manager - 9 Energy and Chemical Tank Truck Facilities- 400 Pieces
   85-90,000      of Equipment; 300 Drivers; w/ Maintenance, Safety, Business Developmnt
   Ohio           File #34929

Operations        Area Transportation Manager - Gases and CO2 - Managed 3 Locations in
   84-89,000      TX & AR; DOT Compliance, HOS, SAP - Hired and Trained Drivers, MEchs..
   DFW Area       File #34529

Operations        Operations Director and Terminal Manager - Tank Truck - Driver Hiring,
   80-85,000      and Retention, Trans-Loading, Maintenance, P&L, Budgets, Cust. Service
   Texas          File #34417

Operations        Area Manager - Tank, Gases & Intermodal - 100+ Owner-Operators, $10MM
   80-85,000      Annual Revenue, P&L, Warehousing, Transloading, Sales - Cust.Srv. -BS
   Louisiana      File #34595

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank, Petroleum and Food Grade - with Sales, FMCSR,
   74-79,000      DOT, Safety & Compliance, Brokerage, Route Planning, Contract Negotn.
   Washington     File #34452

Operations        Operations - Tank and Bulk - 300+ Drivers - with Costs, Training,
   74-79,000      Recruiting, Planning, Safety, Equipment Specifications - Spanish & BA
   Florida        File #34517

Operations        Terminal Manager - Liquid, Dry and Intermodal - w/ Fleet Management,
   74-79,000      DOT & Hazmat Regulations, Budget, Costs, Planning, Start-Up Operations
   Calif.         File #34633

Operations        Tank Truck Area Manager - 5 Terminals in TX, LA, AL, FL - $14MM in
   74-79,000      Revenue; 80+ Employees; w/ Cost Control, Customer Service, Maintenance
   Houston Area   File #34804

Operations        Terminal Manager - Hazardous Material and Chemicals - w/ Safety,
   74-79,000      Maintenance, Computers, AS400, Owner-Operators, Dispatch Supervision..
   Florida        File #34898

Operations        Regional Terminal Manager - Tank - Manage Day to Day Operations of Two
   70-75,000      Terminals with 140 Drivers and $25MM in Revenue; TMW, DOT, Logistics
   New Jersey     File #34093

Operations        Operations Director for 100+ Tankers transporting Crude Oil and Water
   70-75,000      in Shale producing regions; with Safety, P&L Accountability, Peoplenet
   Texas          File #34441

Operations        Area Transportation Manager- Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon & Hydrogen
   70-75,000      30+ Drivers; 60+ Employees; Tractor Trailer M&R - BS Maritime Acadamy
   Ohio           File #34583

Operations        District Manager - Tank Truck and Dry Bulk - Manage 5 Terminals with
   70-75,000      75 Drivers and O/Ops; w/ TMW, Peoplesoft, DOT, Sales, Rates, Pricing
   Florida        File #34834

Operations        General Operations Manager - Tank and Dry Van - Move Acid and Oil by
   70-75,000      by Truck and Rail; w/ Driver Recruiting and Safety; AS400, TMS, Elogs
   Texas          File #34965

Operations        Terminal Manager - Bulk Chemical and Petroleum Distribution - Dispatch
   69-74,000      Supervision, FMCSA and DOT Regs., Managed 900+ Actiave Accounts - BS
   Florida        File #34232

Operations        Operations Manager - Tank, Rail and Storage - Chemicals and Acids - w/
   69-74,000      Logisitcs, Safety, HSE Audits, Railcar Movements - Supervise 45 - B.S.
   Oklahoma       File #34456

Operations        Terminal Manager - Dry Bulk - with Operations, Driver Recruiting and
   69-74,000      Training, Audit Driver Logs, Outside Vendor Invoices, Maintence, CDL
   Virginia       File #34508

Operations        District Operations Manager - Tank, Petroleum and Dry Bulk - Oversaw
   69-74,000      150+ Drivers; 90 Power Units, Mechanics and Office Personnel w/ Safety
   Georgia        File #34602

Operations        Operations, Logistics and Warehousing - Chemical and Tank Lines - with
   65-70,000      Driver Management, Planning, Purchasing - 65 Drivers - MS Supply Chain
   Wisconsin      File #34482

Operations        Terminal Manager with Sales - Tank, Chemical and Bulk - with Operaions
   65-70,000      New Business Development, Contract Negotiaion, P&L, Driver Recruitment
   S. Calif.      File #34591

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank and Gases - w/ Operations, Tank Wash Supervisn
   65-70,000      Safety, Claim Reduction, Maintenance, Dedicated Fleet, 50+ Drivers...
   Illinois       File #34716

Operations        Terminal Manager - Bulk Commodoties and LTL - Manage 100+ Drivers with
   64-69,000      AS400, Citrix, TM Dispatch Mgt. System, Driver Retention & Recruitment
   Pennsylvania   File #33294

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank and Reefer - w/ Safety, Service, Revenue, Cost
   64-69,000      and Assets - Oversight of Dispatch and Preventative Maintenance, P&L
   Louisiana      File #34188

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank - Manage Dispatch, Maintenance Shop and Wash
   64-69,000      Rack; 30+ Drivers; w/ Safety, Driver Recruiting, Compliance, On-Site.
   Ohio           File #34373

Operations        Terminal Manager - Food Grade Tank and Dry Bulk Cement - w/ Operations
   64-69,000      Driver Supervision, Safety, Smith System Training - Supervised 100+...
   Texas          File #34481

Operations        Dedicated Account Manager - 100 Drivers; Reefer, Food & previous Tank
   64-69,000      w/ Dispatch, Backhaul, Repowers, Customer Service, Safety, Brokerage..
   Maryland       File #34544

Operations        Terminal Manager - Car Carrier and Petroleum Tank Truck - Responsible
   64-69,000      for 2 Terminals; 65 Trucks; w/ P&L, Budgeting, Claims, Dispatch, Maint
   Illinois       File #34647

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank and Chemicals - Top 10% of Terminals based on
   64-69,000      Safety, Profit, Operating Ratio, Load Count and Equipment Utilizations
   S. Carolina    File #34780

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank -Supervised 125+ Drivers; $25MM Annual Revenue
   64-69,000      w/ Operations, P&L Reports, Maintenance Records, TMW & TMT Experience
   New Jersey     File #34807

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank Truck - w/ Daily Dispatch, Review Driver Log
   60-65,000      Books, HOS, Pre-Trip Inspections, Maintenance Oversight, Safety, DOT
   Florida        File #33732

Operations        Operations Manager - Tank Truck - Supervise 50+ Drivers; 100 Bulk Tank
   60-65,000      Trucks Delvering Chemicals w/ Dispatch, Fleet Mgt., TMW, PeopleNet,CSR
   Ohio           File #34418

Operations        Dispatcher - Tank Truck and Dry Van - 60+ Power Units; DOT, Qualcomm
   60-65,000      and TMW - Logs, HOS, File IFTAs and HUTs Monthly; Optimize Backhaul...
   New Jersey     File #34469

Operations        Dispatch and Terminal Manager - Tank Truck -  Hire Drivers, Tank Wash
   60-65,000      and Shop; Safety - w/ Trip Planning, Computers, CSR, Daily Workload...
   Houston Area   File #34491

Operations        Terminal Manager = Tank/Bulk - Manage all Day to Day functions:  Admin
   60-65,000      Dispatchers, Driver Managers, Monitor Tank Wash, Schedule Equip for PM
   Wisconsin      File #34547

Operations        Operations and Sales Mgr. - Tank and Chemicals - with Brokerage - Grew
   60-65,000      Trucking Operations from 25 to 50 Trucks; w/ Safety, Recruiting, Reten
   Houston Area   File #34705

Operations        Terminal Manager - Heavy-Haul and Oilfield Hot Shot - with Operations,
   60-65,000      Sales, Safety, Dispatch, Contracts, Driver Recruiting, DOT Compliance
   Houston Area   File #34852

Operations        Terminal Manager - Gases - Oxygen, Nitrogen, ARgon, CO2- with Dispatch
   60-65,000      Maintenance Supervision, Inventory Management, Customer Service - BSBA
   Ohio           File #34911

Operations        Terminal Manager - Bulk Liquid Tankers - 25 Tractors; 45 Trailers with
   59-64,000      Operaitons, Maintenance, P&L for $3MM Terminal - TMW, TMT, DOT - BSBA
   Pennsylvania   File #33276

Operations        Traffic and Operations Supervisor - Manage 70 Drivers in Crude Haul
   59-64,000      Transportation; w/ Safety, Customer Service, DOT, TMW, Assignments- BS
   Houston Area   File #34535

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank & Petroleum - Supervise Day to Day Operations
   59-64,000      of Dispatchers, Mechanics and Drivers; Route Plans, Safety Meetings-BA
   Atlanta Area   File #34668

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank, Petroleum and Waste - 50 Drivers; CSA 2010;
   59-64,000      w/ Safety, P&L, Logistics, Administration, Maintenance, DOT, OSHA...
   Georgia        File #34670

Operations        Operations Mgr. - Bulk, Hazmat and Industrial Waste - w/ Rates Quotes,
   55-60,000      Handle Multi-Million Dollar Accounts, Recruit Owner-Operators, Safety
   Indiana        File #33753

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank and Chemicals - with Dispatch, TMW/TMS, Fleet-
   55-60,000      matics, Operations, Plans, Compliance, Reporting, Training, Cust. Srv.
   Indiana        File #34533

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank and Petroleum - Manage 50+ Drivers & Dispatch
   55-60,000      $15MM+ Revenue; w/ Budgets, Costs. Driver Retention, Recruiting, Elogs
   Tennessee      File #34643

Operations        Operations and Sales Manager - Bulk Rail Transfer Facility - Supervise
   55-60,000      Trans-Loading Crew; Maintain Rail Yard; Sales; FRA, ISO, RCMS and FSSC
   Ohio           File #34895

Operations        Operations Supervisor and Dispatcher - Bulk and Chemical - Local and
   54-59,000      Regional Dispatch, Safety Award Winner, Customer Service, Equipment,..
   Illinois       File #34419

Operations        Operations Manager - Petroleum and Bulk - Manage Warehouse and Drivers
   54-59,000      Dispatch, Scheule, Inventory Management, Safety and DOT Regs., Hire...
   DFW Area       File #34454

Operations        Operations, Brokerage, Dispatch, Maintenance & Parts - Oversee Service
   54-59,000      and Maintenance for 100+ Trucks; 180 Trailers; - w/ Sales and Cust. Sr
   Texas          File #34584

Operations        Trucking Operations Supervisor - Petroleum and Acid - Supervise 35+
   54-59,000      Tank Vehicles, Drivers, Fleet Maintenance, Dispatch and Safety Depmt.
   Upstate NY     File #34600

Operations        Driver Manager - Tank and Bulk Chemical - w/ Dispatch of 45-50 Drivers
   54-59,000      Customer Service, Fleet Operations, Acting Terminal Manager, Fast Pace
   Texas          File #34645

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank and Petroleum - Progressed from Dispatch, to
   54-59,000      Dispatch Super to Terminal Mgr. - Grew P&L by $1MM+; Safety, Mainten.
   N. Carolina    File #34801

Operations        Operations and Dispatch - 130 Trucks utilizing Pneumatic Trailers with
   54-59,000      Proppant (Sand) for Fracking; w/ Customer Service, TMW Software, Train
   Texas          File #34803

Operations        Terminal Manager - Bulk, Pneumatic, Autos, etc - with Dispatch, TMW
   54-59,000      System, Intermodal, Training, Entering Trips into AS System, Operation
   Pennsylvania   File #34811

Operations        Operations, Sales and Driver Recruiting - Dry Bulk and Petrochemical -
   54-59,000      w/ Safety, DOT and OSHA Regs; Qualify Drivers; Coordinate Dispatch,...
   Houston Area   File #34966

Operations        Dispatcher / Fleet Manager - Food Grade Tank and Reefer - Match Loads
   50-55,000      and Drivers; Prepare Shipping Documents for Loads; DOT, TWM Truckmate
   Calif. Valley  File #34595

Operations        Operations Manager -Refined Petroleum Products- w/ Safety, Maintenance
   50-55,000      Log Book Training, Dispatch, Routing, DOT, EPA, OSHA and FEMA Regs...
   Georgia        File #34808

Operations        Terminal Supervisor - Tank and Petroleum - Handle Daily Operations for
   49-54,000      a High Volume Trucking Terminal; Supervise 35; Route Store Deliveries
   Florida        File #33102

Operations        Dispatcher - 300+ Trucks in Oil and Gas Industry; Handle Order Mgmt.,
   49-54,000      Load Tracking, Inbound Phone Calls, Safety, Road Breakdowns, CSR...
   DFW Area       File #34524

Operations        Load Planner, Driver Manager and CSR - Dry Bulk and Food Grade -Manage
   49-55,000      60 Drivers, 150 Trailers; TMW, Driver Retention, Increase Revenue/Trck
   Pennsylvania   File #34539

Operations        Brokerage Operations Manager with Dispatch, Rate Negotiation, Capacity
   49-54,000      Management, New Carrier Development, Customer Service, Track & Trace..
   Oregon         File #34574

Operations        Dispatcher / Inventory Management - Tank Truck Carrier - Manage over
   49-54,000      140+ Gas Station Fuel Inventory in Northwest; 50 Trucks; Qualcomm-BSBA
   Washington     File #34669

Operations        Tank Truck Dispatcher and Assistant TM - Achieved 99% On-Time Shipment
   44-49,000      Rate; Customer Service, AS400 Experience, DOTR Regulations, Math App.
   Georgia        File #33909

Operations        Petroleum Dispatcher - Schedule Fuel Deliveries to Customer Stations;
   44-49,000      Inventory Management; Schedule Truck Maintenance, Billing - Span Flu..
   Calif. Valley  File #34484

Operations        Dispatch Coordinator - Bulk Liquid via Tank Trucks - Supervise 40+
   44-49,000      Drivers OTR and Regional - w/ TMW, Qualcomm - Monitor Safety via CSA
   New Jersey     File #34675

Operations        Dispatcher and Safety Coordinator - Tank Truck Carrier w/ 60 Tractors;
   40-45,000      Review Oil Tank Levels; Maintenance Records/DVIRs, Computers, Training
   Texas          File #33818

Operations        Tank Truck Dispatcher - Petroleum - Schedule and Dispatch Gas Tanker
   40-45,000      Dirvers; Schedule & Route work for 20+ Drivers; Maintain Driver Files
   Georgia        File #34597

Operations        Dispatcher - Tank and Petroleum - Coordinate Loads to over 30 Drivers;
   39-44,000      Monitor Fuel Levels for Over 60 Stores Daily; Inventory Management...
   Arkansas       File #34802

Operations        Dispatcher - Enter Drivers and Trailers into TMW System; Confirm Loads
   35-40,000      with Drivers; Set PUD, Cust. Srv., Audit Driver Logs, BOL, Tank & Bulk
   New Jersey     File #34538

Operatons         Transportation Dispatch Supervisor - 20-25 Drivers - Reefer and Tank
   49-54,000      w/ Operations, Customer Relations, Routing Scheduling, Maintenance...
   New Jersey     File #34773

Recruiting        Driver Recruiting Manager with Retention - 1,000+ Drivers; 22 Terminal
   94-99,000      Developed Marketing and Advertising Plans; Reduced Cost Per Hire 19%..
   Florida        File #34820

Recruiting        Director of Recruiting and Personnel - Hire Over 500 Drivers Per Year;
   90-95,000      with Training, Onboarding, Advertising, Tracking, Budgets, Benefits-BA
   Illinois       File #34957

Recruiting        Recruiting Director with HR - Successfully Recruited over 500 Drivers
   79-84,000      per Year; with Training, Advertising, Job Fairs, Truck Shows, FMCSA-BA
   Illinois       File #34690

Recruiting        Recruiting and Retention Manager - Flatbed, Tank, Dry Van - with 500+
   65-70,000      Drivers and Owner-Operators; with Safety, DOT Regulations, EEOC, CDL
   New Jersey     File #34904

Recruiting        Recruiting Director - Tank and Flatbed - Responsible for Recruiting
   64-69,000      Experienced Drivers for 15 Terminals; w/ Retention, Advertising, Plans
   Texas          File #34574

Safety            Safety Manager - Tank Truck Carrier - w/ Driver Training, Process
   94-99,000      DAC/MV, Administer DOT Testing, Educate Driver Fleet on CSA 2010 -BSBA
   Illinois       File #31483

Safety            Director of Safety with Maintenance and Operations - Tank and  Flatbed
   84-89,000      w/ DOT and FMCSA - 250+ Dirvers; REDUCED REPORTABLE ACCIDENTS BY 65%
   Mississippi    File #34666

Safety            Safety Director - Tank and Gases - Defensive Driver Training for CDL
   84-89,000      Drivers; OSHA, EPA and DOT Requirements, Accident Investigation, Hazma
   Florida        File #34768

Safety            Safety and Training Director - Tank & Bulk - with Insurance and Fuel
   80-85,000      Rate Negtn., Regulatory Compliance, 10+ Locations, 150+ Power Units...
   Ohio           File #34427

Safety            Safety Manager - Tank Truck - w/ Driver Training, FMCSA, OSHA & EPA
   75-80,000      Documentation, 200+ Drivers, Recruiting, Emergency Response Efforts...
   Florida        File #34370

Safety            Safety and Personnel Director - Tank - w/ Strict Driver Selection,
   74-79,000      Retention, Kept Turnover under 30%, Insurance, Sales & Marketing, Oper
   New Jersey     File #32906

Safety            Safety Manager. - Imporve CSA Scores, Qualify New Drivers, HOS
   69-74,000      Compliance, Elogs, Driver Recruiting, Inspect Equipment - Tank & Bulk
   New Jersey     File #34816

Safety            Safety Director - 150 Tractors - with Operations and Bulk - Reduce
   64-69,000      CSA Scores; DOT Compliance; PeopleNet Program; Driver Recruiting - BS
   Louisiana      File #34848

Safety            Safety Manager -Tank- DOT and CSA Audits; Compliance, Hours of Service
   59-64,000      Hazmat Permit Renewals; Driver Training and Spill Investigations - CDL
   DFW Area       File #34854

Safety            DOT Compliance Manager with Warranty Claims - 200+ Commercial Vehicles
   54-59,000      Title and Registrations; Accident Claims; Trained 400+ Dirvers; FMCSA
   Pennsylvania   File #34678

Safety            Safety & Compliance Manager - Flatbed, Truckload and Tank - 50 Drivers
   50-55,000      w/ Safety Training and Programs, Claims Mgt., Improve CSA Scores -BBA
   Ohio           File #34667

Sales             Regional Sales Manager - Liquid Chemicals and Petroleum - Detailed
   85-90,000      Knowledge of Chemical Logistics Industry, Contacts & Sales Results- BA
   Illinois       File #34534

Sales             Sales Manager - Trailers and Class 8 Trucks- Responsible for Southeast
   70-75,000      Region; Increased Sales by 50%+; Also Drive Business to Repair Shops..
   Tennessee      File #37327

Traffic           Traffic & Logistics Supervisor - Energy & Petrochemical - w/ NVOCC,
   79-84,000      Heavy-Haul in all Modes, Pricing, Project Cargos, Carrier Relationship
   Houston Area   File #34435

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