Midwest Edition - Fall / Winter 2017
Motor Carrier Personnel File
Brief Descriptions of Midwestern Candidates selected to: Increase Revenues - Reduce Expenses
Employers: Contact us with File #s of Candidates you're interested in: 800-347-3434.

Midwest Edition

Accounting        Controller - $200MM Truckload Carrier - with Finance, Cash Management,
   120,000+       Multiple Entities, Power Unit Analyis, Banking and Credit Lines - CPA
   MIchigan       File #34318

Accounting        Chief Financial Officer - $2 Billion+ Trucking and Supply Chain - with
   100,000+       Banking, Brokerage, General Ledger, Insurance, Lease Financing - CPA
   Michigan       File #35062

Accounting        Controller - Truckload Carrier -300 Tractors; 500 Trailers- w/ Finance
   94-99,000      Banking, Software, General Ledger, AR/AP, GAAP Compliance - BS & CPA
   Nebraska       File #34939

Brokerage         Brokerage Operations Director - 10 Locations; $100MM+ Revenue - with
   125,000+       Sales, Capacity Solutions for National Accounts; Increase Gross Margin
   Ohio           File #34823

Brokerage         Brokerage Operations Director - $90MM 3PL -  with Sales and Carrier
   100,000+       Development; Supervise Administration, Risk, Rail, Claims, Dispatch...
   Chicago Area   File #34978

Brokerage         Brokerage General Manager - Truckload and Intermodal - Motivate, Price
   100,000+       Control Costs, Manage and Source Carriers, Operations, Sales - BS Biz.
   Illinois       File #34996

Brokerage         Logistics Manager - 3PL, TL, Reefer & Rail - w/ P&L, Sales, Marketing
   75-80,000      Carrier Contracts, RFPs, Pricing for all Modes, Monitor PUD & On-Time
   Illinois       File #34119

Brokerage         Freight Brokerage Manager - 3PL and Reefer - Increased Ground Revenue
   74-79,000      by 60% in First Year; w/ Operations, Carrier/Supplier Mgt; Contracts..
   Illinois       File #34822

Brokerage         Truckload Brokerage General Manager - $5MM Operation - with Sales,
   70-75,000      Logistics, Truckload and LTL; Supervision; Personal Revenue of 800K-BS
   Indiana        File #34896

Brokerage         Brokerage Sales Manager - Domestic Truckload and LTL - Supervise Team
   65-70,000      of 5; Chicago Area Territory; New Business Dev. & Manage Major Account
   Illinois       File #34916

Brokerage         Brokerage Operations and Carrier Sales Manager - Lead 7 in Carrier
   64-69,000      Development, Market Analysis and Negotiations; On-Boarding; FMCSA, DOT
   Illinois       File #34870

Brokerage         Brokerage Operations Mgr. - INCREASED LOAD COUNT FROM 30 A DAY TO
   60-65,000      120 A DAY; w/ Carrier Network and Onboarding; TMS and EDI Integration
   Wisconsin      File #34724

Brokerage         Carrier Development Manager - $200MM+ Freight Spend; 250 Asset Based
   60-65,000      Carriers; Personally Manage 40 Carriers; Price and Bid in US & Canada
   Chicago Area   File #34960

Brokerage         Brokerage Account Manager with National Accounts; Passed $100K Profit
   60-65,000      Per Quarter; Trained Sales and Operations Personnel - Recent BS in Biz
   Chicago Area   File #35243

Brokerage         Inside Sales - Brokerage and Logistics -Managed Key Account Increasing
   59-64,000      Brokerage Revenue by $2MM; w/ Biz Development in Flatbed & Intermodal
   Kansas         File #35136

Brokerage         Brokerage Account Executive - Cold Calling and Sales; New Business
   55-60,000      Development; PUD Appointments; Dispatch; Sales Team Leader; Manage 5+.
   Ohio           File #34747

Brokerage         Brokerage Sales and Operations - Reefer and Dry Van - Book Hundreds of
   54-59,000      Loads per Year; Rates to Customers; Dispatch; Communicate with Carrier
   Wisconsin      File #35223

Brokerage         Logistics Account Exectuive - w/ New Business Development; $500,000+
   50-55,000      Revenue in 2016; Rates, Customer Service, Cold Call, Manage PUD...
   Indiana        File #34981

Brokerage         Brokerage Sales with Operations - US and Mexico - Logistics, Customs
   49-54,000      Compliance, Border Regulations, Customer Service, Load Board, Training
   Chicago Area   File #34761

Brokerage         Brokerage Operations and Dispatch - New Business Development, Cold
   44-49,000      Calls, Negotiate 80+ Contracts a Week; DOT Regs & Logs; Cust. Service
   Ohio           File #34762

Brokerage         Capacity Buyer - Top Tier Logistics Broker - Daily Meetings with Cust.
   42-47,000      Base and Representatives; Financial and Market Analysis - BS Finance
   Chicago Area   File #34708

District Manager  General Manager - New and Used Truck and Bus Sales - Supervise Sales,
   84-89,000      Operations, Parts, and Service Department; P&L; INCREASED PROFIT 100%
   Nebraska       File #35153

Info Technology   IT Director - Truckload - with Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence
   100,000+       Infrastructure, Process Improvement, Data Analytics, Help Desk Mgt-BS
   Iowa           File #34840

Info Technology   EDI Administration and Development - Trucking, Transportation and
   94-99,000      Warehousing - Work with External Customers; Analize with TIBCO - MBA
   Ohio           File #34841

Info Technology   Director of Information Technology - Trucking Company with 400 Tractor
   84-89,000      AS/400, Linux, Windows, EDI, Maintenance Software, TMW, PC Miler...
   Ohio           File #34917

Info Technology   Systems & Network Administrator - Tank Truck Carrier - Liason Between
   79-84,000      Users, Operations & Programming; Implement Automated Fuel Delivery Sys
   Illinois       File #35246

Info Technology   Information Exchange Specialist - Lead RPG Applications Developer for
   74-79,000      Truckload Carrier - w/ EDI, XML, Coding, Testing and Documentation...
   Illinois       File #34883

Info Technology   IT Operations Manager - 3PL Logistics - w/ AS400 Administration, SAP
   60-65,000      Basis Mgt., Data Center Operations; Supervise 5; Work Scheduling - BS
   Ohio           File #34697

Logisitics        Logistics Supervisor with Warehousing, Dispatching 70+ Drivers, Safety
   49-54,000      Electronic Logs, Payroll, and Load Planning - Automotive and Tank Trck
   Indiana        File #35139

Logistics         Logistics Operations & Carrier Network Services - $500MM+ Transportatn
   100,000+       Spend; w/ Cost Control and Savings; Plans and Execution; Supervise 200
   Missouri       File #35034

Logistics         Petroleum Logistics - Operations and Sales - Manage 400+ Clients with
   70-75,000      New Business Development; Liason Between Dispatch, Sales, Cust. Serv.
   Illinois       File #34810

Maintenance       Maintenance Director - 700 Tractors; 1500 Trailers - Truckload - with
   100,000+       Parts; Provide Low Cost Maintenance Solutions; Top Quality Technicians
   Indiana        File #34975

Maintenance       District Maintenance Manager - $4MM Budget; 10+ Locations; Appoint and
   94-99,000      Oversee Garage Vendors; Implement PM and Repair Procedures; Costs -BBA
   Ohio           File #35274

Maintenance       District Maintenance Mgr. - Truck Leasing - 1,500 Trucks; 8 Repair
   84-89,000      Facilities with Costs, PM, P&L, Operations, Customer Service, AS400...
   Missouri       File #32387

Maintenance       Service Manager - Truck Repair - Supervise 12 Mechanics; Former Lead
   84-89,000      Tech; Hands-On; w/ Customer Service, Parts, Diagnostics Software, Oper
   Illinois       File #33873

Maintenance       Maintenance Director - Supervise 50+ Technicians in Two Shops; Enhance
   84-89,000      Workflow Process; Increase InHouse Service Rate; Use TMW and TransMan
   Michigan       File #34566

Maintenance       Regional Maintenace Manager - 800 Unit Fleet - Hands-On - w/ Shop
   84-89,000      Supervison, Budgets, Contracts, Specifications, Parts and Inventory
   Missouri       File #34876

Maintenance       Area Maintenance Mgr.- 5 Shops 1,800 Pieces of Equipment; 50+ Employee
   80-85,000      ASE Medium and Heavy Certified; AS400; Work with Outside Vendors, ISO
   Missouri       File #34348

Maintenance       Fleet Maintenance Director - 300 Tractors and 600 Trailers - Flatbed
   80-85,000      and Reefers - Improved Reliability; Driver Satisfaction; CSA Scores...
   Indiana        File #34990

Maintenance       Maintenance Director - 1,000+ Pieces of Equipment; 5 Shops; CREATED
   80-85,000      NEW REVENUE STREAMS THROUGH M&R OF OUTSIDE FLEETS; w/ Costs, Software
   Ohio           File #35029

Maintenance       Maintenance Manager - Truck Dealership, Leasing & Recycling- 25+ Shop
   79-84,000      Personnel - 900+ Trucks; w/ Safety, Warranty Recovery, Budgets, WIP...
   Illinois       File #34784

Maintenance       Area Maintenance Manager - Multiple Location Truck Leasing with Large
   74-79,000      Tractor & Trailer Fleet; w/ Parts, Warranty, PM, Shop Guide Lines, CSR
   Indiana        File # 3989

Maintenance       Area Maintenance Manager - Three Full Service Shops with 50+ Mechanics
   79-84,000      w/ Safety, P&L, Preventative Maintenance, 2,000+ Trucks, Mobil Repair.
   Michigan       File #34461

Maintenance       Maintenance Director - 1,400+ Pieces of Equipment; Tractors, Trailers
   70-75,000      w/ PM & DOT Inspections; Compliance, Lowered CSA Scores, Purchasing...
   Michigan       File #34740

Maintenance       Maintenance Manager - Trucking - 100 Tractors; 250 Trailers; Supervise
   70-75,000      Technicians and Parts Personnel; Budgets, Lower FMCSA Scores, DOT,...
   Wisconsin      File #34974

Maintenance       Service Manager - Truck Dealership - Cummins and Peterbilt - Supervise
   69-74,000      12 Techs, 3 Supers & Warranty Manager; Improve Shop Efficiency by 15%;
   Ohio           File #35267

Maintenance       Maintenance Shop and Warranty Manager - Hands on Technical Diagnostic
   69-74,000      & Repair Experience; Supervised 25 Direct Reports; Saved $780K in 2016
   Indiana        File #35276

Maintenance       Service Manager - Heavy Duty Truck Dealer - Create Repair Estimates,
   65-70,000      Manage Technicians and Employees, Training, Schedule, Parts, Warranty.
   Illinois       File #33040

Maintenance       Service Manager - Truck Maintenance -Increased Sales from $3MM to $6MM
   65-70,000      via Plans, Customer Service, Building Strong Customer Base, Margins...
   Ohio           File #34658

Maintenance       Shop Manager - Tank Truck - 90 Tractors; 180 Trailers - Assign Jobs
   64-69,000      for Technicians; Manage Computer Programs, Parts, Inventory, PM, HM183
   Indiana        File #35105

Maintenance       Service and Shop Manager - Trucking and Truck Leasing - 100+ Tractors
   60-65,000      200+ Reefer Trailers - Costs & Budgets for 3 Shops; w/ Safety & Sales
   Michigan       File #34672

Maintenance       District Service Manager - Truck Leasing - Responsible for 6 Locations
   60-65,000      in MO and KS; Started as Tech w/ Diagnosis & Repair; Safety, PM, Parts
   Missouri       File #34782

Maintenance       Maintenance Shop Mgr. - Tank Truck - Schedule Mechanics and Service
   59-64,000      Writers; PM and Necessary Repairs on Revenue Equipment; Cleaning Racks
   S. Carolina    File #33728

Maintenance       Assistant Service Manager - Farm Equipment - Communicate with Custs.
   54-59,000      and Sales; Supervise 9 Techs; Schedule and Coordinate Service Calls-BS
   Ohio           File #34776

Maintenance       Shop Manager - Truck Leasing - Manager day to day Operations for Truck
   50-55,000      and Trailer Repair; w/ Parts, Inventory, Schedule Techs - ASE Master
   Ohio           File #34994

Maintenance       Lead Mechanic and Assistnce Shop Manager - Semi-Tractors, Trailers,
   50-55,000      Straight Truck, Busses - Install GPS Tracing Devices; Maint. Software
   Michigan       File #35218

Operations        General Manager - Truckload - 100% Owner-Operators- w/ Budgeting, P&L,
   100,000+       Operations, Brokerage, Customer Relations, Recruiting & Retention,...
   Ohio           File #34395

Operations        General Manager - Intermodal Operations, Sales and Brokerage - $100MM
   100,000+       Budget; P&L; Business Development, Recruiting and Staffing; Contracts
   Illinois       File #35089

Operations        Operations and Sales VP - Heavy-Haul & Dry Van - w/ Pricing, Brokerage
   94-99,000      Driver Recruiting, Dedicated, Recruiting - INCREASED SALES BY $14MM
   Indiana        File #34902

Operations        Area Manager - 9 Energy and Chemical Tank Truck Facilities- 400 Pieces
   85-90,000      of Equipment; 300 Drivers; w/ Maintenance, Safety, Business Developmnt
   Ohio           File #34929

Operations        General Manager - Intermodal Drayage - 200 Drivers - with Operations,
   84-89,000      Safety, Human Resources, Driver Recruitment, Customer Service, O/ops
   Illinois       File #35138

Operations        Operations Manager - Dedicated Truckload - On-Site - 100+ Drivers with
   74-79,000      Load Planning; Manage Daily Transportation for 80 Stores;- BS Business
   Kansas         File #35221

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank and Liquified Gases- Manage 30+ Drivers,
   70-75,000      Dispatchers and Shop Manager; Proficient in TMW, TMT and Peoplenet...
   Missouri       File #35099

Operations        Operations Manager with strong Info Technology Expereince; Analyze
   69-74,000      Operations, WMS Sustems, Java, Python, C, C++, Basic Assembly - BS Bus
   Ohio           File #34842

Operations        Operations Manager - Auto Parts and Flatbed - Manage 300 Trucks; 400
   69-74,000      Drivers; 200 Teams; Oversaw JIT Shipments for Car Mfgs; DOT, HOS, CSA
   Ohio           File #34906

Operations        Terminal Manager - Flatbed and Intermodal - with Sales - GENERATED
   69-74,000      $15MM IN REVENUE LAST THREE YEAS; Transformed 3PL Freight to Direct...
   Nebraska       File #35247

Operations        Operations Supervisor and Account Mg. - Truckload - Manage 120 Driver
   66-71,000      Fleet with Equipment Utilization, Backhaul Load Procurement, KPI- BSBA
   Illinois       File #34829

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank and Gases - w/ Operations, Tank Wash Supervisn
   65-70,000      Safety, Claim Reduction, Maintenance, Dedicated Fleet, 50+ Drivers...
   Illinois       File #34716

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank Truck and Liquified Gases - Supervise 30+
   65-70,000      Drivers, 3 Dispatchers, Shop Mgr. and Mechanics w/ Safety, P&L, TMW...
   Missouri       File #35163

Operations        Terminal Manager w/ Business Development - Reefer, Flatbed, Intermodal
   65-70,000      and Brokerage - Generated $16MM in Revenue in 3 Years; Load Planning
   Nebraska       File #35231

Operations        Operations Manager - Multiple Terminals; Improved On-time from 92% to
   65-70,000      99%; Oversize Hauling; Assist with Terminal Budgets and Implementation
   Wisconsin      File #35262

Operations        Intermodal Operations Manager - with Dispatch of 50+ Dirvers and
   64-69,000      Mechanics; w/ Load Planning, Rate Quotations, Truckload Brokerage, CSR
   Missouri       File #35133

Operations        Operations Manager - Tank Truck - Supervise 50+ Drivers; 100 Bulk Tank
   60-65,000      Trucks Delvering Chemicals w/ Dispatch, Fleet Mgt., TMW, PeopleNet,CSR
   Ohio           File #34418

Operations        Operations Mgr. - Responsible for Three Dedicated Fleets; with TMW,
   60-65,000      Customer Service, Certtified Smith Driver Trainer, Class A CDL License
   Ohio           File #34421

Operations        Terminal Manager with Sales and Operations - LTL & Air Cargo - Oversee
   60-65,000      and Monitor Pick-Up and Delivery of 1,500 Shipments per Week; Cust Srv
   Michigan       File #34909

Operations        Terminal Manager - Gases - Oxygen, Nitrogen, ARgon, CO2- with Dispatch
   60-65,000      Maintenance Supervision, Inventory Management, Customer Service - BSBA
   Ohio           File #34911

Operations        Operations Manager - 100 Drivers - Truckload - w/ Dedicated, P&L,
   60-65,000      Safety, Productivity, Customer Service, Dispatch  Account Mgt - BS
   Pennsylvania   File #34922

Operations        Operations Manager - Reefer, Truckload and Intermodal - Decreased
   60-65,000      Deadhead by 12%; Grew Ontime Performance 90% to 98%; w/ DOT & Safety
   Illinois       File #34930

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank and Chemicals - with Dispatch, TMW/TMS, Fleet-
   55-60,000      matics, Operations, Plans, Compliance, Reporting, Training, Cust. Srv.
   Indiana        File #34533

Operations        Operations and Sales Manager - Bulk Rail Transfer Facility - Supervise
   55-60,000      Trans-Loading Crew; Maintain Rail Yard; Sales; FRA, ISO, RCMS and FSSC
   Ohio           File #34895

Operations        Flatbed Operations Mgr. - 70+ Owner-Operators - w/ Dispatch, Sales,
   55-60,000      Customer Service, DOT Regs, HOS and Log Violations, Rates, Brokers...
   Wisconsin      File #35162

Operations        Operations Manager - Flatbed - with Dispatch of over 50 Drivers - Long
   55-60,000      Haul and Regional; Best Driver Retention Rate with Financial Analysis
   Indiana        File #35185

Operations        Driver Manager with Operations, Dispatch, Brokerage - 65+ Drivers;
   54-59,000      Assign Loads, Customer Service, Broker Overflow Loads w/ 3rd Parties
   Wisconsin      File #34885

Operations        Asst. Terminal Manager -Reefer- Schedule Drivers, Coordinate Backhaul
   54-59,000      for Nightly Dispatch, Customer Service, TMW Suite for Driver Payroll..
   Illinois       File #34937

Operations        Load Planner - Truckload - Liason between Drivers and CSR; Compliance
   53-58,000      with DOT; Interact with Fortune 500 Companies; Brokerage and Backhaul
   Indiana        File #35104

Operations        Flatbed Operations Manager - w/ Dispatch, Fleet Management for 25 Plus
   50-55,000      Owner-Operator - Some Customer Following and Flatbed Owner-Operators..
   Missouri       File #35046

Operations        Head Dispatcher - Intermodal Operations - Manage Drivers, Trace Shipmt
   49-54,000      from BNSF, NS, CSX & Union Pacific; Neg. Rates, Handle Chassis Bills..
   Missouri       File #35118

Operations        Air Export Operations - Efficient Routings, Negotiate Carrier Tariffs,
   45-50,000      Rates, Documentation, Ground Transportation, Consolidations, IATA, TSA
   Chicago Area   File #34862

Operations        Dispatch Supervisor with Brokerage and Backhaul Generation - Plan and
   45-50,000      Dispatch Drivers on Dedicated Accnt; Elogs, DOT Compliance, Peoplenet
   Indiana        File #35137

Operations        Lead Dispatch - Tank and Chemical - 28 Drivers; Coordinate Trailers w/
   45-50,000      Product Restrictions; Document PUD; Coordinate Tank Wash; Backhaul...
   Illinois       File #35245

Operations        Lead Dispatcher - Intermodal & OTR - Bi-Lingual - Answer all Incoming
   44-49,000      Calls from Customers and Drivers; Track and Trace; Owner-Ops; Payroll
   DFW Area       File #35243

Operations        Fleet Dispatcher and Planner for Daily Intermodal and Expedited Trans.
   44-49,000      Work with Owner-Operators; Efficient Computer Aptitude; AS400, Pegasus
   Ohio           File #35283

Operations        Freight Broker and Dispatcher - Flatbed and Steel - Acquire Freight,
   40-45,000      TMW, Plan and Route Drivers, Customer Service, Quote Freight Rates...
   Ohio           File #35265

Operations        Driver Manager / Dispatcher - Bilingual - Asset and Non-Asset Dispatch
   39-44,000      Book Loads; Negotiate with Brokers; Track and Trace; TMW, Peoplenet...
   Illinois       File #35266

Parts             Parts Manager - Trucking - Manage $2.5 Million Inventory; Develop Part
   64-69,000      Control Procedures; Identify & Solve Inventory Issues; Travel to Shops
   Missouri       File #34997

Parts             Parts Manager - Truckload Carrier - Purchase Parts for Terminal at
   54-59,000      best Possible Price; Negotiate with Vendors; Maintain Warranty Parts..
   Michigan       File #34893

Personnel         Human Resources Manager - Truckload Carrier - 500+ Employees with
   80-85,000      Recruiting, Disability and Workman's Comp Insurance, Tenstreet, Reten.
   Indiana        File #34766

Personnel         Recruiter - Human Resources - Trucking - Source, Screen, Qualify and
   44-49,000      Close Candidates; Coordinate Interviews and Follow-Up; Ads, Fairs-BSBA
   Indiana        File #35220

Pricing           Pricing Manager - Logistics - Analyzed RFPs for Profitability, Costs,
   49-54,000      Competition; Orchestrated Moving of Over Dimensional Freight; Opers.
   Kansas         File #35047

Pricing           Pricing Analyst - Work with Steamship Lines, Truckers; Prepare Rates
   44-49,000      and Quotes for Customers; Coordinate with Global Forwarding Agents...
   Illinois       File #35242

Purchasing        Purchasing Manager - Truck Dealer - SAP Purchase Order Procedures,
   70-75,000      Billing Issues, Tax Credits, Codes, Record Keeping, Bid Negotiation...
   Missouri       File #35174

Recruiting        Recruiting and Safety Director - 1,000 Independent Contractors - with
   100,000+       Tenstreet, DOT Compliance, Compensation Plans, Retention, FMCSA - BS
   Ohio           File #34757

Recruiting        Director of Recruiting and Personnel - Hire Over 500 Drivers Per Year;
   90-95,000      with Training, Onboarding, Advertising, Tracking, Budgets, Benefits-BA
   Illinois       File #34957

Recruiting        Recruiting Director - INCREASED DRIVER COUNT BY 400+ - Supervised 5
   84-89,000      Field Recruiters; Advertising & Promotions; Staff Training-BS Business
   Michigan       File #35215

Recruiting        Recruiting Director with HR - Successfully Recruited over 500 Drivers
   79-84,000      per Year; with Training, Advertising, Job Fairs, Truck Shows, FMCSA-BA
   Illinois       File #34690

Recruiting        Midwest Recruiting Manager - 650 Drivers - Truckload - with Retention,
   79-84,000      Advertising, Safety, Operations, Compensation Plans, Web Site Develop.
   Kansas         File #35093

Recruiting        Recruiting Director - 1,000+ Trucks - with Capacity Development - Both
   75-80,000      Owner-Ops & Co. Drivers; INCRASED DRIVER COUNT BY 500 - Multiple Terms
   Ohio           File #35203

Recruiting        Recruiting Manager - Truckload and Flatbed - Interview, Qualify, Train
   55-60,000      New Recruiters, DAC, MVR, Criminal through USIS, Orientation, Metrics
   Ohio           File #34953

Recruiting        Full Cycle Driver Recruiter - Driver Applications; DOT Compliance and
   54-59,000      Safety, Hours of Service and Driver Logs; Hazmat Training; Drug & Phy.
   Ohio           File #34952

Recruiting        Driver Recruiter - OTR, Regional, Dedicated, Home Daily and Lease to
   54-59,000      Purchase - Create all Driver Files via Tenstreet, Innovative AS400...
   Kansas         File #35132

Recruiting        Driver Recruiter - Semi Team & Solo Drivers for OTR and Local; Handle
   52-57,000      Multiple Dedicated Accounts; Visit Truck Stops to meet Drivers & O/Ops
   Missouri       File #34786

Recruiting        Driver Recruiter with Retention, Sales & Customer Service - Truckload
   52-57,000      Advertise; Travel to Schools and Shows; Familiar with DOT; AS400, CDL
   Illinois       File #34969

Recruiting        Driver Recruiter - Fostered Good Relationships with CDL Schools;
   49-54,000      Effectively Sourced, Screened and Interivew Candidates - BS Human Rel.
   Ohio           File #44306

Recruiting        Driver Recruiting Manager - with Advertising, Recruiting Strategies,
   49-54,000      DOT, Training, Company Drivers & Owner-Operators, Trade and Truck Show
   Ohio           File #35212

Recruiting        Recruting Administrator - w/ Advertising Plans, Pre-Qualify Applicants
   44-49,000      Random Drug Testing, Tenstreet, Order and Review Background Reports...
   Ohio           File #34826

Recruiting        Recruiter -Tank Truck- Recent Graduate in Business - Review & Analyze
   44-49,000      Applications; Schedule Interviews; Introduce Hires; Liason w/ Safety
   Illinois       File #35028

Recruiting        Driver Recruiter - Truckload - Responsible for Recruitment and
   44-49,000      Development of New and Experienced Drivers; Met Goals; Sales Skills...
   Iowa           File #35130

Recruiting        Driver Recruiter - Truckload - Build Rapport with Drivers; Maintain
   36-41,000      Files; Set Up DOT Physicals; Handle Driver Issues; Good on Phone and..
   Iowa           File #34903

Safety            Safety Director w/ Risk, Recruiting and Security - 500+ Tractors - CSA
   100,000+       Score Improvement; FMCSA Audits, Accident Investigation, Insurance-BA
   Michigan       File #33797

Safety            VP Safety and Driver Development - Tank and Intermodal - 750+ Company
   100,000+       and Owner-Operators; w/ FMCSA, Driver Recruiting, Retention and Train.
   Illinois       File #34989

Safety            Safety Manager - Tank Truck Carrier - w/ Driver Training, Process
   94-99,000      DAC/MV, Administer DOT Testing, Educate Driver Fleet on CSA 2010 -BSBA
   Illinois       File #31483

Safety            Safety Director - 700+ Power Unit Truckload Carrier - SAVED $3MM IN 3
   Nebraska       File #32584

Safety            Safety and Recruiting Director with Risk Management - Hire and Qualify
   80-85,000      CDL Dirvers; Keep DQ Files; Random Drug and Alcohol Tests; Logs, CSA..
   Illinois       File #34984

Safety            Driver Training Manager - 5,000+ Drivers - 50+ Service Centers- Create
   73-78,000      and Present Safety Orientation for Supervisors and Managers - ELogs...
   Michigan       File #35124

Safety            Area Safety Manager - CSA and DOT Compliance; Superivise 15 Driver
   70-75,000      Trainers; CDL and Smith System Trainer; Loss Prevention for 750+ Emply
   Minnesota      File #34713

Safety            Safety Director- Truckload -with Recruiting- 300 Drivers; 700 Trailers
   70-75,000      Training; HOS; Increased Driver Retention by 25%; CDL, NATMI Cert. TMW
   Illinois       File #34950

Safety            Safety and Compliance Manager - w/ Flatbed and Heavy-Haul - Permits,
   69-74,000      Recruiting, Owner-Operators, Insurance Claims, Hazmat - 200+ Drivers..
   Wisconsin      File #34821

Safety            Director of Safety and Compliance - Heavy-Haul  and Flatbed w/ Driver
   65-70,000      Recruiting, E-Logs, Licensing and Insurance, HOS, FMCSA, Securement...
   Indiana        File #34806

Safety            Safety Director - 300+ Owner-Operators - w/ Compliance, CSA2010, DOT
   64-69,000      Files, Manage HOS and Log Auditing, Accident Investigation, Insurance.
   Ohio           File #32570

Safety            Safety Manager - Intermodal - with Operations and Terminal Management
   64-69,000      FMCSA and DOT Compliance; Maintenance, P&L Accountability, Budgets...
   Illinois       File #34923

Safety            Safety Manager - Intermodal Trucking with 400 Drivers - Travel to
   60-65,000      Multiple Terminals; Ensure DOT Compliance, Orientation, Training, ...
   Missouri       File #34280

Safety            Safety and HR Manager - 100 Tractors and 120 Trailers - Reefer and Dry
   60-65,000      Van - w/ DOT and FMCSA Compliance; Driver Qualifications, Drug Tests..
   Chicago Area   File #34712

Safety            Safety and Recruiting Manager - Hire and Train Drivers and Maintenance
   59-64,000      Manage Oversize Permits; Accident Investigation; FMCSA, DOT, Drug Test
   Ohio           File #34971

Safety            Field Safety Support Specialist - Truckload - Managed 100 Professional
   59-64,000      Drivers; w/ Training, Compliance, Log Reviews, DOT Inspections, Hazmat
   Wisconsin      File #35086

Safety            Safety and Compliance Manager with Operations, Tank and Petroleum -
   59-64,000      NATMI CDS, DOT, FMCSA, Driver Recruiting, Retention, Training & Orient
   Kansas         File #35171

Safety            Safety Manager - 400 Tractors, 800 Trailers - w/ HOS, MIOSHA, FMCSA,
   55-60,000      CSA and DOT Compliance, Vehicle Inspections, Training Manuals & Mater.
   Michigan       File #33630

Safety            Safety Manager with Compliance and Operations - 70+ Truck Operation;
   55-60,000      E-Logs, FMCSA Regulations, Hours of Service, Driver Recruiting & Qual.
   Indiana        File #34792

Safety            Safety and Compliance Manager - 200 Company Trucks; Driver Hiring;
   55-60,000      Maintain and Lower CSA Scores; Driver Training, FMCSA & DOT Compliance
   Illinois       File #37907

Safety            Safety Manager - 80 Tractors; 200+ Trailers - Flatbed, Heavy-Haul and
   54-59,000      Intermodal - REDUCED CSA SCORES,  Driver Orientation, Log Audits, HOS
   Michigan       File #33838

Safety            Safety Field Trainer with Driver Qualifications Processing, Recruiting
   54-59,000      Tenstreet, DOT Compliance, Physicals and Drug Screens, MVR Reports...
   Ohio           File #35094

Safety            SAfety and Compliance with CDL - LTL and Truckload - for 4 Terminals
   54-59,000      with Driver Training and Hiring; DQ Files, Elogs, Maintenance, OS&D...
   Wisconsin      File #35282

Safety            Safety & Compliance Manager - Flatbed, Truckload and Tank - 50 Drivers
   50-55,000      w/ Safety Training and Programs, Claims Mgt., Improve CSA Scores -BBA
   Ohio           File #34667

Safety            Safety Manager - 75 Drivers - with Recruiting, Orientation, Training,
   50-55,000      DOT Files, Hours of Service, Claims, Insurance, Maintenance Files...
   Kansas         File #35170

Safety            Safety Manager - Flatbed - with Recruiting, Operations, Dispatch,
   50-55,000      Maintenance, DOT Compliance, Qualcomm, FMCSA, Retention, Customer Srv.
   Ohio           File #35213

Safety            Safety, Recruiting and Retention - Smaller Trucking Company - Hired
   49-54,000      40 Drivers and Owner-Operators in last Year; w/ Brokerage & Backhaul
   Indiana        File #35123

Safety            Safety Manager with Operations & Traffic - 20 Trucks - DOT Compliance,
   42-47,000      Monthly Maintenance Schedules, HOS, ISO9002, Customer Service, Rates..
   Ohio           File #35131

Sales             Sales VP - Truckload, Flatbed and Dedicated - with National Accounts,
   100,000+       Pricing, Freight Network Profitability, Sales Supervision & Trainging
   Ohio           File #32847

Sales             Sales Manager - Truckload and 3PL - Developed $2.7MM Book of Business
   100,000+       w/ Sales Planning, Performance Management, Networking, Contract Negtn.
   Ohio           File #34665

Sales             National Account Sales - Truckload and Flatbed - Manage a $40MM Book
   100,000+       of Business; Negotiate all Pricing and Lane Details; New Biz Devel.-BA
   Missouri       File #34698

Sales             National Account Sales - Truckload and Flatbed - Manage 8 Terminals -
   100,000+       $60MM Customer Sales; Negotiate all Pricing and ane Details - BS Bus
   Missouri       File #34787

Sales             National Accounts Director - OTR Truckload, Intermodal and Supply
   100,000+       Chain Solutions - Fortune 500 Account Base; New Business Development..
   Ohio           File #34886

Sales             VP Sales and Marketing - Truckload w/ National Accounts - Personally
   100,000+       Developed $20MM from New Clients; Grew Fleet from 350 to 500 Units -BS
   Illinois       File #35129

Sales             Sales Vice President - Business Development for Mid-Sized Termperature
   100,000+       Controlled Truckload Carriers - Head-Haul and Back-Haul; TMS, CSR -BS
   Kansas         File #35198

Sales             National Accounts Manager - Refrigerated, Truckload and Dedicated -
   94-99,000      $20MM+ Plus in Sales; w/ Rate Negotiations, New Business Development..
   Illinois       File #35160

Sales             General Manager - Domestic and Int'l 3PL - Developed $2MM in Gross
   84-89,000      Profit through Personal Direct Sales; Container Drayage, Im/Ex, FTL...
   Illinois       File #35050

Sales             Area Sales Manager - Truckload, Dedicated, Intermodal, Flatbed and
   84-89,000      Brokerage - Develop Regional Operating Plans, Handle National Accts-BS
   Minnesota      File #35161

Sales             Sales Manager - Full Service Logistics Provider - w/ National Accts.,
   79-84,000      Rate Negotiation - Truck, Air & Ocean; Cold Calls, Cross Selling- BSBA
   Illinois       File #34945

Sales             Sales Manager - New & Used Heavy Duty Trucks; w/ Pricing, Advertising,
   79-84,000      Specifications, Financing, Warranty Registrations, New Business Devel.
   Indiana        File #35000

Sales             Sales Director - Logistics, Brokerage and Warehousing w/ Refrigerated,
   74-79,000      and Intermodal - Increased Revenue by $2MM+; Set up Brokerage Division
   Illinois       File #34838

Sales             Sales and Marketing Director - 3PL and Intermodal Equipment - Generate
   74-79,000      $1MM+ Revenue; 50 New Accounts; Supervised 4 Sales Reps; BS Business
   Georgia        File #34963

Sales             Regional Director of Sales - LTL - with Operations & Multi-Terminal
   70-75,000      Mgt. - Manage 20+ Account Managers in OH, MI & IN; Drivers & Dock Wkrs
   Ohio           File #34922

Sales             Truck Rental Sales Manager - $2MM+ Revenue in 2016 - with Direct Sales
   70-75,000      Contracts, Fleet Operations Management for Three Offices - BS Business
   Ohio           File #34980

Sales             Sales Account Executive - Int'l Freight Forwarding and Domestic Truck
   65-70,000      Brokerage - ANNUAL SALES REVENUE $1.2MM - Air, Ocean, Truck, Im/Export
   Michigan       File #34963

Sales             Logistics Sales - Flatbed & Intermodal - $1MM+ Sales with New Business
   64-69,000      Development, Brokerage, National Accts, Operations - Account Following
   Illinois       File #35185

Sales             National Account Executive - Air, Ocean and Domestic Shipments; Auto
   60-65,000      Vertical and B2C Industrial Sector; Liason w/ Custom Brokers & Agents
   Michigan       File #34783

Sales             Sales Executive - Import/Export- Steamship, CHB, Warehousing, Drawback
   60-65,000      Michigan, OH & IN Territory; Secure BCO and NVOCC Contracts; Rates...
   Michigan       File #34869

Sales             Outside Sales Representative -Truck Leasing- Recent Degree in Business
   54-59,000      New Biz Development, Fleet Planning & Profitability- $1MM+ NEW REVENUE
   Ohio           File #34749

Sales             Account Exectutive = Manage Portfolio of 175 Accounts including
   54-59,000      Negotiating Pricing Tariffs; w/ New Business Development; Telemarketng
   Ohio           File #34888

Sales             Logistics Sales Coordinator - Truckload and Brokerage - Maintain a
   49-54,000      Book of Business; Build Volume; Develop Carrier Network; Rates - BSBA
   Ohio           File #35033

Warehousing       Warehouse Operations Manager with Cold Storage - Keep Overtime < 5%;
   55-60,000      Implement SOP's for Efficiency; Manage Work Schedules, Utilize Space..
   Illinois       File #35075

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