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Transportation and Logistics Listings as of 11/8/2017

  JO#     Description                      Location             Salary  

     14581-Maintenance Director-Trucking      Florida              To 125K+
     15079 - Logistics VP - Trucking          South                To $125K+
     15080 - Controller - Truck Dealer        Louisiana            To $110K
     14184 - IMC Intermodal Sales             Chicago/Atlanta      To $100K
     14931-Sales Mgr.-Dedicated Contract      New Jersey           To $100K
     14932-Gen Mgr-Car Carrier Transport      New Jersey           To $100K
     14938-Operations Mgr -Truck Dealer       New Jersey           To $100K
     15009 - Maintenance Dir. - Trucking      Minnesota            To $100K
     15024-Safety Manager - Tank Truck        Wisconsin            To $100K
     15072 - Driver Recruiting Manager        Georgia              To $100
     15002- Truck Leasing General Mgr.        Michigan             To $90K+
     15053-Driver Recruiter- Home Deliv.      New Jersey           To $90K
     14936 - Service Mgr. -Truck Dealer       New Jersey           To $80K
     14900 - Service Mgr. - Truck Dealer      NYC Area             To $75K
     14959-Customer Srv. Mgr.- Trucking       Pennsylvania         To $75K
     15061 - Terminal Mgr. - Tank Truck       Nebraska             To $75K
     15078- Customer Service Mgr - Truck      Florida              To $75K
     14810 - Brokerage Sales                  DFW Area             To $70K+
     14880 - Brokerage Sales                  Houston Area         To $70K+
     14901 - Parts Mgr. - Truck Dealer        NYC Area             To $65K
     14906 - Diesel Mechanic - Trucking       Maryland             To $52K
     14911-AFF/IFF Outside Sales Rep.         Chicago              To $70K+
     14912-AFF/IFF Outside Sales Rep.         New York             To $70K+
     14924-Maintenance Shop Super.            Maryland             To $70K
     14935 - 3PL Brokerage Sales -Truck       Texas                To $70K
     14937 - Parts Mgr. -Truck Dealer         Delaware             To $70K
     14972-Truck Lease Sales Executive        St. Louis, MO        To $70K
     14989 - Brokerage Sales - Non-Asset      S. Calif.            To $70K
     15026-Parts Manager - Heavy Duty         Indiana              To $70K
     15027-Class 8 Truck Sales - New          St. Louis, MO        To $70K+
     15046 - Agent Recruiter - 3PL            Indiana              To $70K
     15064- Operations Mgr. - Truckload       Virginia             To $70K+
     15075-Terminal Mgr. - Petroleum          Waco, TX             To $70K
     15081 - Terminal Mgr. - Tank             S. Carolina          To $70K
     14788-Lead Diesel Mech.- Polish Fl.      Illinois             To $65K
     14969-Sales - Flatbed Trucking           Tennessee            To $65K+
     14973 - Sales - Transportation           Portland, OR         To $65K
     14528- Safety Mgr.  Trucking             New Jersey           To $65K
     15049 - Safety Manager - Drayage         New Jersey           To $65K
     15070-Driver Recruiter - Tank            Cincinnati, OH       To $65K
     15076 -Import Supervisor - Ocean FF      New Jersey           To $65K
     15846 -Import Supervisor - Ocean FF      Chicago Area         To $65K
     14863 - Truckload Brokerage Sales        New Jersey           To $60K+
     14927- Marketing - Truck Dealership      Michigan             To $60K
     14943- Service Mgr. - Truck Dealer       Michigan             To $60K
     14967 - Brokerage Sales - 3PL            Minneapolis, MN      To $60K
     14970-Master Mechanic - Volvo Truck      Michigan             To $60K+
     14988 - Brokerage - Trucking             Massachusetts        To $60K
     15011 - Driver Recruiter- Truckload      Minnesota            To $60K
     15016 - Broker - Truckload               Nashville, TN        To $60K
     15030 - A/R Manager - Truck Dealer       St. Louis, MO        To $60K
     15043-Operations Mgr. -Truckload         Pennsylvania         To $60K
     15050-Load Planner - Truckload           Pennsylvania         To $60K
     15052 - Driver Recruiter - Bi-Ling.      N. Calif.            To $60K
     15082-Driver Recruiter - Flatbed         Ohio                 To $60K
     15085 - Sales Rep. - Trailers            New Jersey           To $50K+
     15063 - Driver Mgr / Sr. Dispatcher      Wisconsin            To $59K
     14961-Safety - Trucking                  Madison, WI          To $58K
     15065-Driver Manager - Truckload         Pennsylvania         To $58K
     15008 - Driver Recruiter - Trucking      Minnesota            To $57K
     14836 - Shop Supervisor - Trucking       Illinois             To $55K
     14895-Sales - Truck Brokerage            Madison, WI          To $55K
     14944- Parts Mgr. - Truck Dealer         Michigan             To $55K
     15083 - Tank Truck Operations Coor.      Texas                To $55K
     15062- Logistics Account Mgr.            Illinois             To $52K
     14558 - Load Planner / Dispatcher        Kenosha, WI          To $50K
     14967 - Brokerage Operations - 3PL       Portland, OR         To $50K
     14971-Truck Sales Rep.                   Michigan             To $50K+
     15004 - Diesel Technician - Truck        New York             To $50K
     15025-Service Writer - Truck Dealer      Massachusetts        To $50K
     15047-AFF/IFF Customer Service           S. Calif.            To $50K
     15056-Night Dispatcher -Truckload        Pennsylvania         To $55K
     15068 - Load Planner / Dispatcher        Virginia             To $50K
     15082-Carrier Sales- 3PL Non-Asset       Austin, TX           To $50K
     14657-Truckload Brokerage Operation      Ft. Worth, TX        To $49K+
     14706-Brokerage - Truckload              Ohio                 To $45K
     14881- 3PL Dispatch & Capacity           DFW Area             To $45K+
     15003 - Sales - New and Used Trucks      New York             To $36K+

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